descriptionApache NiFi Registry
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 6 Nov 2018 19:47:17 +0000 (14:47 -0500)
7 days ago  Koji KawamuraNIFIREG-205: Allow Git repo to delete a flow with snaps... master
12 days ago  Andrew LimNIFIREG-210 Corrected incorrect document-links
13 days ago  Bryan BendeUpdating travis.yml with output filters
13 days ago  Bryan BendeAdding travis-output-filters
2018-09-25  Kevin DoranMerge branch 'NIFIREG-202-rc1'
2018-09-22  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-202-RC1 prepare for next development iteration NIFIREG-202-rc1
2018-09-22  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-202-RC1 prepare release nifi-registry-0.3.0-RC1 rel/nifi-registry-0.3.0
2018-09-22  Kevin DoranEmpty commit to fix github mirror
2018-09-22  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-201 Refactoring project structure to better...
2018-09-21  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-200 Update dependencies
2018-09-20  Matt GilmanNIFIREG-186 Referencing the correct parent artifact.
2018-09-20  Koji KawamuraNIFIREG-186: Adding Ranger authorizer
2018-09-18  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-199 - Adding interfaces to represent configurab...
2018-09-18  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-198 Add unit test that reproduces bug
2018-08-21  Jeremy DyerNIFIREG-192: Implement REGISTRY_START event
2018-08-20  Kevin Doran[NIFIREG-193] Empty commit to close #135.
7 weeks ago rel/nifi-registry-0.3.0 NIFIREG-202 signed release tag...
4 months ago rel/nifi-registry-0.2.0 NIFIREG-176 signed release tag...
10 months ago rel/nifi-registry-0.1.0 NIFIREG-87 signed release tag for...
10 months ago nifi-registry-0.1.0-RC1 NIFIREG-87-RC1 copy for tag nifi...
7 days ago master
7 weeks ago NIFIREG-202-rc1
4 months ago NIFIREG-176-RC1
10 months ago NIFIREG-87-RC1