descriptionApache NiFi Registry
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 15 Dec 2017 20:12:06 +0000 (15:12 -0500)
33 hours ago  Scott AslanNIFIREG-30 - Add login component, auth guard to login... master
2 days ago  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-70 Authorization Improvements
2 days ago  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-69 Switching from Hibernate to JDBC since Hiber...
2 days ago  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-71 Making JettyServer set wantClientAuth to...
4 days ago  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-64 Updates Policy Authorization Behavior
4 days ago  Mark PayneNIFIREG-62: Bug fixes; minor wording improvements
5 days ago  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-58 Add current user permissions
8 days ago  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-30] update dep versions and enhance performance
8 days ago  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-30] update unit tests and harden client code
9 days ago  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-63 Added ability to get latest snapshot metadata
9 days ago  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-42 Adding IT test for NiFi Registry client...
10 days ago  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-65 Using first() instead of last() to get latest
10 days ago  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-65 Return flow versions in reverse order
12 days ago  Mark PayneNIFIREG-62: Added ability to diff two Controller Servic...
2017-12-01  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-60 NiFi Proxy Identity Support
2017-12-01  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-59 Migrate Authorizer Exceptions
33 hours ago master