descriptionApache NiFi Registry
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 22 Mar 2018 13:41:49 +0000 (09:41 -0400)
30 hours ago  Scott AslanNIFIREG-153 - Inject angular router module into require... master
11 days ago  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-134 Enable SpringBoot Actuator endpoints
2018-03-09  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-135 Fix versionCount for createFlowVersion...
2018-03-09  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-146 REST API Documentation improvements
2018-03-06  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-124] persist sidenav table sorting
2018-03-05  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-100] create and leverage FDS SASS theming...
2018-03-05  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-149] directs user to login page for LDAP
2018-02-15  NKameNIFIREG-145 portability
2018-02-09  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-126] adding some polish and testing around...
2018-01-30  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-132 Fixes Swagger annotations
2018-01-30  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-129 Fixes Swagger annotation
2018-01-30  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-128 Fixes Swagger spec build output
2018-01-30  Kevin DoranNIFIREG-131 Surface auth failure details
2018-01-23  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-125 Adding bucket id and item id to droplet...
2018-01-23  Andrew LimNIFIREG-123 Made external links open in new windows
2018-01-19  Scott Aslan[NIFIREG-117] update sorting function name and add...
2 months ago rel/nifi-registry-0.1.0 NIFIREG-87 signed release tag for...
2 months ago nifi-registry-0.1.0-RC1 NIFIREG-87-RC1 copy for tag nifi...
30 hours ago master
2 months ago NIFIREG-87-RC1