2022-09-08  Joe WittUpdating for two people that have moved from PMC to... main
2022-09-07  Joe WittUpdating for two people that have moved from PMC to...
2022-08-31  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10416 Enabled Matomo Website Analytics
2022-08-06  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10324 Converted additional pages to Markdown
2022-08-04  Yury KosharovskiyAdded Kuehne+Nagel as a Powered by NiFi company
2022-08-01  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10272 Updated current project version to 1.17.0
2022-07-26  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10282 Updated Downloads pages with Markdown and...
2022-07-21  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10264 Updated People to remove duplicates
2022-07-21  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10263 Updated navigation License link
2022-07-21  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10264 Updated People and converted to Markdown
2022-07-21  exceptionfactoryNIFI-10263 Updated Privacy and License Links
2022-07-20  exceptionfactoryNIFI-9802 Corrected typo in FAQ
2022-07-20  exceptionfactoryNIFI-9802 Updated Dove IO information
2022-07-20  exceptionfactoryNIFI-9802 Corrected build workflow conditionals
2022-07-20  steven-matisonNIFI-9802 Refactored site build using Hugo
2022-07-13  exceptionfactoryCorrected asf.yaml formatting
2022-07-13  exceptionfactoryAdded staging configuration to asf.yaml
2022-06-15  Nathan GoughNIFI-10113 - Fixed mitigation on NiFi security page.
2022-06-15  Nathan GoughNIFI-10113 - Updated NiFi security page with details...
2022-06-15  Bence SimonAdded Bence Simon to committers list
2022-06-14  Joe WittNIFI-10113 updating download links
2022-06-13  Peter TurcsanyiAdded Peter Turcsanyi to PMC members
2022-06-09  Nathan GoughNIFIREG-361 - Fixed error on registry security page.
2022-05-31  Joe WittNIFI-10005 updating dl links
2022-05-31  Martin ZinkAdded Martin Zink to committers list
2022-05-31  Martin ZinkMINIFICPP-1844 Add MiNiFi C++ 0.12.0 to the downloads...
2022-04-29  Nathan GoughNIFI-9868 - Added CVE release information for NiFi...
2022-04-29  Joe WittNIFI-9868
2022-04-06  Nathan GoughNIFI-9780 - Updated CVE-2022-26850 with bcrypt finding...
2022-04-06  Nathan GoughNIFI-9780 - Updated security.html with version correcti...
2022-04-06  Nathan GoughNIFI-9780 - Updated security.html page for 1.16.0 release.
2022-04-06  Adam MarkovicsAdd amarkovics
2022-04-04  Joe WittNIFI-9780
2022-04-04  Joe WittNIFI-9780
2022-03-24  Arpad BodaMerge pull request #58 from szaszm/szaszm-pmc-member
2022-03-24  Marton Szaszmove szaszm to pmc 58/head
2022-02-08  Bryan BendeThis closes #57. Update community slack invite link
2022-02-07  Scott Aslandoc updates for nifi-fds.0.3.0 release (#56)
2022-01-21  exceptionfactoryMerge pull request #55 from exceptionfactory/NIFI-9619
2022-01-21  exceptionfactoryNIFI-9619 Removed GPG key from Security Mailing List... 55/head
2022-01-19  Joe WittNIFI-9567
2022-01-19  Joe WittNIFI-9567
2022-01-18  Joe WittNIFI-9567
2022-01-05  Mark PayneAdded headings for different types of videos, linked...
2021-12-22  Joe WittNIFI-9508
2021-12-20  Andrew LimNIFI-9493 Update Release Note and Project Links
2021-12-16  Nathan GoughNIFI-9480 - Updated security.html page for 1.15.1 release.
2021-12-15  Joe WittNIFI-9480 updating download links
2021-12-13  adamdebreceniMerge pull request #53 from adamdebreceni/MINIFICPP...
2021-12-13  Adam DebreceniMINIFICPP-1689 - Add minificpp 0.11.0 to the downloads... 53/head
2021-11-15  Joe WittNIFI-9344 adding stateless nifi binary
2021-11-08  Joe WittNIFI-9344
2021-11-08  Joe WittNIFI-9344 fixing links
2021-11-07  Joe WittNIFI-9344 RC3 passed 1.15.0 is released
2021-10-06  denesAdded Denes Arvay to committers list
2021-10-06  Tamas PalfyFixed Tamas Palfy commiter name (from Palfy Tamas)
2021-10-06  Tamas PalfyAdded Tamas Palfy to committers list
2021-10-06  Bryan BendeMerge pull request #51 from exceptionfactory/developmen...
2021-10-06  exceptionfactoryAdded David Handermann to PMC members
2021-10-05  exceptionfactoryAdded GitHub link under Development section of navigation 51/head
2021-10-05  Peter TurcsanyiFixed 1.13.2 release date on Downloads page.
2021-10-04  Joe GresockNIFI-9274: Updating for default secure...
2021-09-20  Bryan BendeMerge pull request #48 from gresockj/extended-committer...
2021-09-18  Joe GresockAdd Joe Gresock to committers list 48/head
2021-07-26  Marton Szaszfix typo in minifi-toolkit download link
2021-07-16  Joe WittNIFI-8767
2021-07-14  Joe WittNIFI-8767 updating Apache NiFI download. Still need...
2021-07-13  MikeMerge pull request #47 from MikeThomsen/add-mt-to-list
2021-07-13  mikerthomsen... Added Mike Thomsen to PMC list. 47/head
2021-06-11  Ferenc GerlitsMINIFICPP-1574 Add minificpp 0.10.0 to the downloads...
2021-06-11  Arpad BodaMerge pull request #46 from fgerlits/add-fgerlits-to...
2021-06-11  Ferenc GerlitsAdd Ferenc Gerlits to the list of committers 46/head
2021-03-26  Joe WittMINIFICPP-1519
2021-03-19  Joe WittNIFI-8338
2021-03-15  Joe WittNIFI-8257
2021-03-01  Pierre VillardRemoved SHA1 links on MiNiFi download page
2021-03-01  Marton SzaszMiNiFi C++ 0.9.0 download links
2021-02-26  Adam DebreceniAdd Adam Debreceni to committer list 43/head
2021-02-22  Nathan GoughUpdated security.hbs with latest NiFi 1.13.0 dependency...
2021-02-16  Joe WittNIFI-7873
2020-10-19  Pierre VillardNIFIREG-424 - Update website
2020-10-05  Nathan GoughMinor correction for CVE-2020-9491, Jira number from...
2020-10-05  Matthew BurgessAdd hacktoberfest label to repo
2020-10-01  Andy LoPrestoAdded credit for CVE reporter.
2020-09-30  Andy LoPrestoAnnounced 1.12.0 CVEs.
2020-09-28  Joe WittNIFI-7787 updating for 1.12.1 release
2020-09-01  Kevin DoranNIFI-7692: Update Release Guide to include docker-compo...
2020-08-20  Joe WittNIFI-7692
2020-08-18  Joe WittNIFI-7692 updated downloads page
2020-08-04  Márton SzászAdd Marton Szasz to committers
2020-07-25  Peter TurcsanyiUpdated master branch to main in dev quickstart and...
2020-07-20  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-404 Updating site for NiFi Registry 0.7.0 release
2020-07-20  Pierre VillardMerge pull request #38 from mattyb149/NIFI-7415
2020-07-13  Andrew LimAdd Andrew Lim and Arpad Boda to PMC List
2020-06-15  Andy LoPrestoMoved Jeff Storck to In Memoriam section.
2020-05-15  Andy LoPrestoFixed spacing in security page. master
2020-05-15  Andy LoPrestoAdded link to ASF security policy to security page.
2020-05-01  Matthew BurgessNIFI-7415: Add .asf.yaml to configure GitHub integrations 38/head
2020-04-21  Andy LoPrestoFixed HackerOne URL in security page.
2020-04-21  Nathan GoughUpdated heading in NiFi security page.