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3 days ago  Andrew LimNIFIREG-151 Add tutorial videos to Registry home page master
3 days ago  joewittNIFI-4995 updated during release to reflect we're not...
2018-01-27  Aldrin PiriMINIFICPP-379 Updating site with MiNiFi C++ 0.4.0 relea...
2018-01-25  Andy LoPrestoFixed 'Medium' to 'Moderate' in accordance with issue...
2018-01-25  Andy LoPrestoAdded CVE-2017-15703 to security.hbs.
2018-01-23  Andy LoPrestoAdded CVE-2017-12632 and CVE-2017-15697 to security...
2018-01-23  Aldrin PiriNIFI-4751 updating downloads for NiFi 1.5.0 release.
2018-01-23  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-426 Updating downloads for artifacts from release.
2018-01-12  Mike MoserUpdated PMC and Committer list
2018-01-02  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-87 Adding link to documentation on registry...
2018-01-02  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-423 Updating KEYS links to not use
2018-01-01  Bryan BendeNIFIREG-87 Updates for NiFi Registry 0.1.0 release
2017-12-23  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-414 MiNiFi 0.3.0 release updates.
2017-12-12  Aldrin PiriMINIFI-379 Adding MiNiFi Java Agent quick start guide.
2017-12-06  joewittNIFI-4104 notify about downloading from apache archives
2017-12-06  joewittNIFI-4104 notify about downloading from apache archives
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