2016-10-26  sathwik[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
2016-10-26  sathwik[maven-release-plugin] prepare release ode-console... ode-console-0.1.0
2016-10-25  sathwikrelease notes added
2016-10-19  Tammo van Lessenresolve license issue for st-select and add some comments.
2016-10-19  Tammo van Lessenmake ODE API endpoint configurable and set a smart...
2016-10-19  Tammo van Lessenfix fonts.
2016-10-19  sathwikUpdated licenses
2016-10-13  sathwikprocess inbound/outbound endpoints
2016-10-11  sathwikupdated issue tracking
2016-10-07  sathwikadded controller to make undeploy operation work
2016-10-06  sathwikbuild to include woff2 fonts from bootstrap-sass
2016-10-06  sathwikPutoff polling
2016-10-06  sathwikrectified dislay of glympicons
2016-10-06  sathwikidentification of host to be added to the PMAPI endpoints
2016-10-05  sathwikAdd thirparty component license under META-INF
2016-10-05  sathwikadded licenses for components defined in bower.json
2016-10-05  sathwikadded missing license
2016-10-04  sathwikEnhanced source release plugin to exclude nodejs binari...
2016-10-04  sathwikremoved npm command from ci-build.sh
2016-09-29  sathwikdeployment config added to pom
2016-09-28  sathwikadjusted pom.xml and ci-build to work for local and...
2016-09-27  sathwikAdded a pom file for build on CI using docker
2016-09-08  sathwikadded ci-build and serial execution of tasks
2016-09-01  sathwikUpdated package.json to run bower install post npm...
2016-08-31  sathwikadded license text to source files
2016-08-31  sathwikAdded maven tasks
2016-08-30  sathwikUsed Karma as gulp-karma is deprecated. Removed revisio...
2016-08-24  sathwikupgraded gulp plugins to make it work on nodejs 4.5
2015-05-21  Tammo van Lessenreadme tweaked, minor issue fixed.
2015-03-18  Tammo van Lesseninitial import.