2019-05-20  rodric rabbahAdd notice that community effort is focused elsewhere master
2019-05-17  David Grovemore travis fooling around 9/head
2019-05-17  David Grovedisable scancode
2019-05-17  David Grovedisable bulk of testing; has been broken for quite...
2019-05-16  David GroveAdd notice that community effort is focused elsewhere
2018-07-12  Brendan McAdamsMerge pull request #1 from bwmcadams/master
2018-07-12  Brendan McAdamsMerge Red Hat's original repository over to ASF Incubat... 1/head
2018-07-10  Matt RutkowskiAdjust LICENSE to remove copied references.
2018-07-10  Matt RutkowskiIniatialize repo. with Apache OpenWhisk standard files.
2018-07-10  Matt RutkowskiIniatialize repo. with Apache OpenWhisk standard files.
2018-07-06  Jim CrossleyReformat a bit and fix #27
2018-07-06  Jim CrossleyMerge pull request #37 from markito/master
2018-07-06  William MarkitoFix typo on quote
2018-07-06  William MarkitoAdding brief description about OpenWhisk
2018-07-05  Jim CrossleyRevert ImageStreams [OCF-139]
2018-06-13  Ben BrowningMerge pull request #34 from pmorie/readme
2018-06-13  Ben BrowningDon't error on unbound variables in
2018-06-12  Paul MorieAdd link to OpenWhisk gh project
2018-05-15  Ben BrowningTemporarily pin js dep for CouchDB until we work out...
2018-05-15  Jim CrossleyStrange errors after travis no longer apt-updates,...
2018-05-15  Jim CrossleyTighten up a bit
2018-05-15  Jim CrossleyMerge pull request #31 from matzew/Latest_Strimzi
2018-05-12  Matthias WessendorfLatest of Strimzi
2018-05-07  Ben BrowningBump to newer controller/invoker images
2018-05-07  Ben BrowningDon't be so quick to mark CouchDB as unhealthy under...
2018-05-04  Ben BrowningMore happy messages in
2018-04-27  Jim CrossleySlightly less larger
2018-04-27  Jim CrossleyFix couchdbHealthCheck
2018-04-26  Ben BrowningExpose knobs for tuning the Kafka replication & retaine...
2018-04-26  Jim CrossleyDoh!
2018-04-26  Jim CrossleyRefer to our latest wsk release
2018-04-26  Ben BrowningRun a simple OpenWhisk action as well
2018-04-25  Jim CrossleyFactored the waiting out of the building
2018-04-25  Jim CrossleyAvoid noise when no PV
2018-04-25  Jim CrossleyPick up the latest java action runtime w/CDS enabled
2018-04-25  Ben BrowningStandard on 65% disk usage as "getting too full" for now
2018-04-25  Ben BrowningAdd handy script
2018-04-25  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'gorkem-enable_cds'
2018-04-24  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'enable_cds' of
2018-04-24  Gorkem Ercanenable cds for java action
2018-04-24  Jim CrossleyRefer to latest docker images
2018-04-24  Ben BrowningCompact actions and activations more often
2018-04-24  Ben BrowningPersistent Kafka may need even longer to come up sometimes
2018-04-23  Jim CrossleyReferring to a specific 'wsk' binary [OCF-67]
2018-04-20  Jim CrossleyAdd a note about the 3.9 OS bug regarding ImagePolicy
2018-04-20  Ben BrowningController needs action memory limits set as well
2018-04-20  Ben BrowningAllow template params to configure lots more things.
2018-04-19  Jim CrossleyUsing unique tags to fix Local referencePolicy.type...
2018-04-17  Ben BrowningQuotes help - oops
2018-04-17  Ben BrowningShow example CONTROLLER_INVOKER_BUSYTHRESHOLD in larger.env
2018-04-17  Ben BrowningMake the activationStats greps a bit more robust
2018-04-17  Ben BrowningDon't assume controller invoker busythreshold == invoke...
2018-04-17  Ben BrowningKafka and Zookeeper may need more time to come up in...
2018-04-13  Jim CrossleyPick up centos-based controller invoker [OCF-39]
2018-04-13  Ben BrowningBump to latest controller/invoker images w/ attachment...
2018-04-13  Ben BrowningParameterize Invoker and CouchDB CPU requests
2018-04-13  Jim CrossleyDocument local dev better after introducing ImageStreams
2018-04-12  Ben BrowningAdd script for basic load stats
2018-04-12  Jim CrossleyReplicate strimzi changes in ephemeral template
2018-04-12  Ben BrowningLet Strimzi reference its images the old way
2018-04-12  Ben BrowningSet the necessary properties for Akka clustering to...
2018-04-11  Jim CrossleyLingering terminating pods again
2018-04-11  Jim CrossleyAccount for strimzi controller bouncing zk/kafka
2018-04-11  Jim CrossleyFirst whack at using ImageStreams for our containers...
2018-04-09  Jim CrossleyPinning to strimzi 0.2.0 [OCF-68]
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningBump templates to our newest container images
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningTravis wasn't testing the images it actually built
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningSome OpenShifts need `vm.args` to be chowned differently
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningTypo'd path means new CouchDB image wasn't logging...
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningSwitch to the CentOS-based CouchDB images
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningCopy our customized vm.args after installing CouchDB
2018-04-07  Ben BrowningRestore setting of Erlang node & cookie for CouchDB
2018-04-06  Jim CrossleyUpdate $PO_VER to pickup java runtime fix
2018-04-06  Brendan McAdamsMerge pull request #24 from projectodd/OCF-89
2018-04-06  Brendan McAdamsOCF-89: Set the JVM in the java 8 action runtime to...
2018-04-06  Ben BrowningForgot Travis sets some memory limit template params
2018-04-06  Ben BrowningAdd memory request template params for each memory...
2018-04-02  Jim CrossleyPicking up labeling changes OCF-90, OCF-92
2018-03-30  Ben BrowningAdd a template parameter for the invoker pauseGrace...
2018-03-29  Jim CrossleyReferring to Marek's RHT-approved images now [OCF-39]
2018-03-28  Jim CrossleyUse proper name resolver, fixes #6, thanks shgriffi
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyOops!
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyHave travis push a sha-tagged build to d-hub upon success
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyRoll back to OS 3.6 and be more aggressive w/pod termin...
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyBump to OS 3.7.2 to hopefully avoid FailedSync errors
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyHold off on deploying for now
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'goldmann-catalog'
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'catalog' of
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'goldmann-couchdb'
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'couchdb' of
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyRe-introduce stages to test HEAD images
2018-03-26  Jim CrossleyMerge branch 'goldmann-skeleton'
2018-03-26  Marek Goldmann[OCF-75] dockerskeleton: Switch to CentOS 7
2018-03-23  Jim CrossleyForcibly delete Terminating pods
2018-03-23  Jim CrossleyGive the terminating pods more time to terminate
2018-03-23  Jim CrossleyMaybe we're just not waiting long enough
2018-03-23  Jim Crossley2x max containers
2018-03-23  Jim CrossleyForgot this
2018-03-23  Jim CrossleyLet's try giving up!
2018-03-23  Marek Goldmann[OCF-72] catalog: Switch to CentOS 7