descriptionApache Orc
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 23 Mar 2017 22:56:55 +0000 (15:56 -0700)
3 days ago  Sergey ShelukhinORC-166 : add codec pool to ORC; make sure end is calle... master
9 days ago  Eugene KoifmanORC-154. Add OrcFile.WriterOptions.clone().
9 days ago  Sergey ShelukhinORC-165. Add Eclipse files to gitignore.
9 days ago  Owen O'MalleyORC-157. Fix C++ unit tests to not be timezone sensitive.
2017-03-07  Owen O'MalleyFix formatting of Java ORC tools documentation.
2017-03-07  Owen O'MalleyUpdate the site to prefer https instead of http.
2017-03-07  Owen O'MalleyAdd redirect from http to https
2017-03-06  Owen O'MalleyORC-143. Delta encoding may use too many bits for deltas.
2017-03-01  Owen O'MalleyORC-153. Treat no arguments in convert and json-schema...
2017-03-01  Owen O'MalleyAdd release 1.3.3 to website.
2017-03-01  Owen O'MalleyAdd documentation for the Java tools jar.
2017-02-28  Owen O'MalleyORC-151. Minimize the size of the tools uber jar.
2017-02-27  Owen O'MalleyORC-150. Add tools for finding schema from JSON documen...
2017-02-27  Owen O'MalleyORC-149. Update storage-api to 2.2.1.
2017-02-18  Owen O'MalleyORC-144. Implement test cases and fix the documentation...
2017-02-16  Owen O'MalleyAdded Naveen Gangam to the committer list.
4 weeks ago rel/release-1.3.3 ORC 1.3.3
5 weeks ago rel/release-1.3.2 ORC 1.3.2 release.
7 weeks ago rel/release-1.3.1 ORC 1.3.1
2 months ago rel/release-1.3.0 ORC release 1.3.0
3 months ago rel/release-1.2.3 ORC 1.2.3 release
3 months ago rel/release-1.2.2 ORC 1.2.2
5 months ago rel/release-1.2.1 ORC Release 1.2.1
7 months ago rel/release-1.2.0 ORC Release 1.2.0
8 months ago rel/release-1.1.2 ORC release 1.1.2
9 months ago rel/release-1.1.1 ORC Release 1.1.1
9 months ago rel/release-1.1.0 ORC Release 1.1.0
14 months ago rel/release-1.0.0 ORC 1.0.0 release
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