2 days ago  deshanxiaoORC-1278: [FOLLOWUP] Update cmake requirement to 3.12 main
2 days ago  William HyunMINOR: Update the ORC Chair to William (#1252)
3 days ago  deshanxiaoORC-1278: Update cmake docs version to 3.12 (#1258)
4 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1277: Bump maven-shade-plugin to 3.4.0 (#1254)
4 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1276: Bump slf4j.version to 2.0.1 (#1256)
4 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1275: Bump maven-jar-plugin to 3.3.0 (#1257)
5 days ago  Dongjoon HyunORC-1274: Add a checkstyle rule to ban starting LAND...
5 days ago  sychenORC-1266: DecimalColumnVector resets the isRepeating...
11 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1273: Bump opencsv to 5.7.0
11 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1272: Bump byte-buddy to 1.12.16
11 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1271: Bump spotbugs-maven-plugin to
11 days ago  William HyunORC-1270: Move opencsv dependency to the tools module
11 days ago  William HyunORC-1269: Remove FindBugs
11 days ago  William HyunORC-1268: Set CMP0135 policy for CMake 3.24+
11 days ago  dependabot... ORC-1267: Bump `mockito` to 4.8.0
2022-09-08  dependabot... ORC-1265: Upgrade spotbugs to 4.7.2
2022-09-04  William HyunAdd news for 1.8.0
2022-09-03  William HyunUpdate site/api for 1.8.0
2022-08-26  zhangbutaoORC-1263: Doc: add decimal type to ORC Website
2022-08-25  dependabot... ORC-1262: Bump `maven-checkstyle-plugin` to 3.2.0
2022-08-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1261: Rename shaded pattern `com.google.protobuf25...
2022-08-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1260: Publish `shaded-protobuf` classifier artifacts
2022-08-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1212: Upgrade `protobuf-java` to 3.17.3
2022-08-22  dependabot... ORC-1259: Bump `slf4j` to 2.0.0
2022-08-22  dependabot... ORC-1258: Bump byte-buddy to 1.12.14
2022-08-22  coderex2522ORC-1252:[C++] Expose IO metrics for write operation
2022-08-20  William HyunUpdate site/api for 1.7.6
2022-08-20  William HyunORC-1256: Publish tests jar to maven central
2022-08-20  William HyunORC-1255: Fix ORC website navbar highlight
2022-08-20  William HyunORC-1254: Add spotbugs check
2022-08-18  William HyunAdd news for 1.7.6
2022-08-17  William HyunORC-1253: Add Fedora 37 Docker test
2022-08-15  dependabot... ORC-1250: Bump mockito.version to 4.7.0
2022-08-11  Dongjoon HyunORC-1249: Move `site/_docs/releases.md` to `site/releas...
2022-08-10  William HyunORC-1246: Revamp ORC website
2022-08-10  William HyunORC-1245: Use Hadoop 3.3.4 on Java 17+ and benchmark
2022-08-09  dependabot... ORC-1243: Bump byte-buddy to 1.12.13
2022-08-08  dependabot... ORC-1242: Bump threeten-extra to 1.7.1
2022-08-05  coderex2522ORC-1232:[C++] Disable the metrics collector at compile...
2022-08-05  William HyunORC-1241: Use `apache/orc-dev` DockerHub repository...
2022-08-05  William HyunORC-1240: Update site README to use `apache/orc-dev...
2022-08-04  David MollitorORC-827: Utilize Array copyOf
2022-08-04  William HyunORC-1239: Upgrade maven-shade-plugin to 3.3.0
2022-08-04  William HyunORC-1238: Update DOAP with 1.7.5
2022-08-04  William HyunORC-1237: Remove a wrong image link to `article-footer...
2022-08-02  William HyunORC-1234: Upgrade `objenesis` to 3.2 in Spark benchmark
2022-08-02  dependabot... ORC-1236: Bump checkstyle to 10.3.2
2022-08-02  dependabot... ORC-1235: Bump avro.version to 1.11.1
2022-08-01  dependabot... ORC-1233: Bump `junit.version` to 5.9.0
2022-07-29  William HyunORC-1231: Update supported OS list in `building.md`
2022-07-27  William HyunORC-1230: Move encryption utility functions to `HadoopS...
2022-07-27  William HyunORC-1229: Move `KeyProviderImpl` to `org.apache.orc...
2022-07-26  William HyunORC-1228: Fix `setAttribute` to handle null value
2022-07-26  William HyunORC-1227: Use `Constructor.newInstance` instead of...
2022-07-26  William HyunORC-1226: Add a deprecation warning for Hadoop 2.7...
2022-07-25  dependabot... ORC-1225: Bump maven-assembly-plugin to 3.4.2
2022-07-24  William HyunORC-1224: Move `getDecompressor` to `HadoopShimsCurrent`
2022-07-24  William HyunORC-1223: Move `DirectDecompressWrapper` to `org.apache...
2022-07-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1222: Upgrade `tools.hadoop.version` to 2.10.2
2022-07-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1220: Set `min.hadoop.version` to 2.7.3
2022-07-23  William HyunORC-1221: Move `NullKeyProvider` to `org.apache.orc...
2022-07-23  Luning WangORC-1219: Remove redundant `toString`
2022-07-20  dependabot... ORC-1218: Bump apache parent pom version to 27
2022-07-19  William HyunORC-1217: Downgrade `org.jetbrains.annotations` to...
2022-07-18  William HyunORC-1216: Pin `org.jetbrains.annotations` dependency...
2022-07-17  William HyunORC-1215: Remove a wrong `NotNull` annotation on `value...
2022-07-12  dependabot... ORC-1214: Bump `maven-assembly-plugin` to 3.4.1
2022-07-12  David BlackORC-1213: [C++] Use `https` in `ThirdpartyToolchain...
2022-07-12  coderex2522ORC-961: [C++] expose related metrics of the reader
2022-07-05  dependabot... ORC-1211: Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.4.0
2022-07-05  William HyunORC-1210: Upgrade maven to 3.8.6
2022-07-05  dependabot... ORC-1209: Bump checkstyle to 10.3.1
2022-06-27  dependabot... ORC-1208: Bump byte-buddy to 1.12.12
2022-06-25  Laszlo BodorORC-1205: `nextVector` should invoke `ensureSize` when...
2022-06-23  William HyunORC-1207: Upgrade Spark to 3.3.0
2022-06-22  dependabot... ORC-1206: Bump netty-all from 4.1.68.Final to 4.1.78...
2022-06-16  William HyunAdd API for 1.7.5
2022-06-16  William HyunAdd news for 1.7.5
2022-06-16  Owen O'MalleyORC-1204. ORC MapReduce writer to flush when long arrays
2022-06-14  dependabot... ORC-1203: Bump maven-enforcer-plugin to 3.1.0
2022-06-14  Pavan LankaORC-1140: Documented background and benchmarks for...
2022-06-14  Pavan LankaORC-1202: Updated documentation for LazyIO to make...
2022-06-11  Dongjoon HyunORC-1201: Remove `Debian 9` from Docker Tests
2022-06-10  William HyunORC-1199: Use Google mirror of Maven Central as the...
2022-06-10  Jia LiuORC-1198: Add a new `PhysicalFsWriter` constructor...
2022-06-07  dependabot... ORC-1197: Bump mockito.version from 4.6.0 to 4.6.1...
2022-06-05  Dongjoon HyunAdd a news for Pavan Lanka
2022-06-05  Pavan LankaAdd Pavan Lanka as committer on site (#1150)
2022-05-30  William HyunORC-1196: Add Spark benchmark integration tests to GHA
2022-05-30  dependabot... ORC-1195: Bump checkstyle to 10.3
2022-05-30  dependabot... ORC-1194: Bump mockito.version to 4.6.0
2022-05-30  dependabot... ORC-1193: Bump parquet.version to 1.12.3
2022-05-30  Dongjoon HyunORC-1192: Use `orc.zstd` instead of `orc.none` (#1144)
2022-05-29  mwlonORC-1191: Updated TLC Taxi Benchmark Dataset
2022-05-27  mwlonORC-1190: Fix `ORCWriterBenchMark` `dumpDir` initialization
2022-05-26  mwlonORC-1189: Update `README.md` and `help` command message...
2022-05-25  Dongjoon HyunORC-1188: Fix `ORC_PREFER_STATIC_ZLIB`
2022-05-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1187: Use `main` instead of `master` in `merge_orc_...
2022-05-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1186: Limit `family` in `aarch64` profile
2022-05-24  Dongjoon HyunORC-1184: Use Hadoop 3.3.3 in benchmark module