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last changeThu, 22 Mar 2018 20:04:25 +0000 (16:04 -0400)
16 hours ago  Josh ElserPHOENIX-4662 Avoid NPE when server-caches are null... master
26 hours ago  Rajeshbabu... PHOENIX-4655 Upgrade to latest version from version...
29 hours ago  Ankit SinghalPHOENIX-4661 Handled deleted PTables in the MetadataCac...
40 hours ago  Josh ElserPHOENIX-4636 Add the python PQS driver
2 days ago  Ankit SinghalPHOENIX-4661 Handled deleted PTables in the MetadataCache
2 days ago  Rajeshbabu... PHOENIX-4576 Fix LocalIndexSplitMergeIT tests failing...
3 days ago  Rajeshbabu... PHOENIX-4576 Correct local index wrongly using child...
6 days ago  Thomas D'SilvaPHOENIX-4505 IndexHalfStoreFileReaderGenerator.preStore...
8 days ago  aertoriaPHOENIX-4231 Support restriction of remote UDF load...
8 days ago  aertoriaPHOENIX-4370 Surface hbase metrics from perconnection...
9 days ago  Thomas D'SilvaPHOENIX-4634 Looking up a parent index table of a tenan...
9 days ago  James TaylorPHOENIX-4650 Upgrade i18n-util dependency to version...
10 days ago  Thomas D'SilvaPHOENIX-4418 - add locale-awareness to UPPER() and...
11 days ago  James TaylorPHOENIX-4139 Incorrect query result for trailing duplic...
11 days ago  James TaylorPHOENIX-4640 Don't consider STATS_UPDATE_FREQ_MS_ATTRIB...
12 days ago  ShehzaadPHOENIX-4418 - add locale-awareness to UPPER() and...
5 weeks ago v5.0.0-alpha-HBase-2.0 Apache Phoenix 5.0.0-alpha-HBase-2.0
6 weeks ago v5.0.0-alpha-HBase-2.0-rc1
7 weeks ago v5.0.0-alpha-HBase-2.0-rc0
2 months ago v4.13.2-cdh5.11.2 Phoenix v4.13.2-cdh5.11.2 release
2 months ago v4.13.2-cdh5.11.2-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.2-cdh5.11.2-rc0
3 months ago v4.13.1-HBase-1.1-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.1-HBase-1.1-rc0
3 months ago v4.13.1-HBase-1.2-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.1-HBase-1.2-rc0
3 months ago v4.13.1-HBase-1.3-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.1-HBase-1.3-rc0
3 months ago v4.13.1-HBase-0.98-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.1-HBase-0.98-rc0
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-1.3 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-1.3
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-0.98 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-0.98
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-0.98-rc1 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-0.98-rc1
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-1.3-rc1 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-1.3-rc1
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-1.3-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-1.3-rc0
4 months ago v4.13.0-HBase-0.98-rc0 Phoenix v4.13.0-HBase-0.98-rc0
5 months ago v4.12.0-HBase-0.98 Phoenix 4.12.0-HBase-0.98 release
10 hours ago 5.x-HBase-2.0
10 hours ago 4.x-HBase-0.98
11 hours ago 4.x-HBase-1.1
11 hours ago 4.x-HBase-1.2
15 hours ago 4.x-cdh5.11.2
16 hours ago 4.x-HBase-1.3
16 hours ago master
2 months ago system-catalog
2 months ago 4.13-cdh5.11.2
2 months ago 4.13-HBase-1.3
2 months ago 4.13-HBase-1.2
2 months ago 4.13-HBase-1.1
2 months ago 4.13-HBase-0.98
4 months ago 4.12-HBase-1.3
4 months ago 4.12-HBase-1.2
4 months ago 4.12-HBase-1.1