2019-05-31  takako shimamotoMerge pull request #17 from takezoe/mark-override develop
2019-05-30  Naoki TakezoeMark override methods 17/head
2019-03-12  takako shimamotoBump PredictionIO to 0.14.0 (#16)
2018-09-20  Naoki TakezoeBump PredictionIO to 0.13.0 v0.13.0
2017-10-11  shimamoto0.12.0-incubating release
2017-06-06  Shinsuke SugayaPython 3 support
2017-05-12  Naoki TakezoeFix warnings
2017-05-04  Donald Szeto0.11.0-incubating release v0.11.0-incubating
2017-05-04  Naoki TakezoeBump to PIO 0.11.0-incubating and enhance sbt configuration
2016-11-01  Donald Szetov0.5.0
2016-11-01  Chan LeeUpdate template for PIO v0.10.0-incubating
2015-04-29  Kenneth ChanPDIO-625 Update README for new changes
2015-04-29  Kenneth Chanremove ALSAlgorithm.scala (changed to ECommAlgorithm...
2015-04-29  Kenneth ChanAdd similarEvents param and update comment and README
2015-04-29  Kenneth ChanRepartition algorithm code for easier testing and custo...
2015-04-29  Kenneth ChanRemove obsolete files
2015-04-29  Kenneth ChanAdd ECommAlgorithm to return popular item as default
2015-04-17  Kenneth ChanDefault INVALID_APP_NAME
2015-04-16  Kenneth ChanUse appName as param and new PEventStore and LEventStor...
2015-04-15  Donald SzetoUpdate
2015-04-15  Donald SzetoUpdates for PredictionIO 0.9.2
2015-03-04  Kenneth ChanPrepare v0.1.1 release
2015-03-04  Kenneth ChanRename pio sbt plugin file to pio-build.sbt
2015-03-03  Kenneth ChanAdd template.json
2015-03-03  Kenneth ChanUse new train() with SparkContext and pio sbt plugin
2015-02-23  Kenneth ChanUpdate README
2015-02-23  Kenneth ChanAdd comment
2015-02-22  Kenneth ChanRename constraint event
2015-02-22  Kenneth ChanAdd buy events
2015-02-21  Kenneth ChanChange to use LEvents findSingleEntity
2015-02-20  Kenneth ChanSupport real time unavailable item constraint
2015-02-19  Kenneth ChanMisc clean up
2015-02-19  Kenneth ChanCombine item info and feature vectors into same Map
2015-02-18  Kenneth ChanSupport new user and unseen filtering
2015-02-17  Kenneth ChanInitial version
2015-02-17  Kenneth ChanInitial commit