descriptionApache Qpid C++
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 25 May 2018 17:36:15 +0000 (13:36 -0400)
42 hours ago  Kim van der... QPID-8200: Fix for -Wclass-memaccess compile error... master
11 days ago  Kim van der... QPID-8184: Second part of fix: Change error handling...
13 days ago  Justin RossNO-JIRA: Add cyrus mech packages for test-time dependencies
2018-05-12  Chris RichardsonQPID-8186 Use const ref when catching exceptions
2018-05-12  Chris RichardsonQPID-8187 Allow incompatible function casts for SASL...
2018-05-12  Chris RichardsonQPID-8187 CMakeLists.txt indent corrections
2018-05-10  Chris RichardsonQPID-8188 Invalid type qualifiers causes build failure...
2018-05-07  Kim van der... QPID-8184: Recovery intermittently produces JERR_EFP_BA...
2018-05-07  Justin RossQPID-8183: Remove examples for the deprecated QMF API
2018-04-20  Justin RossNO-JIRA: Add CI badges to the readme
2018-04-20  Justin RossQPID-8169: Don't link to pthread on Windows
2018-04-20  Justin RossQPID-7360: Only add the option for gcc to avoid a build...
2018-04-10  Justin RossQPID-7926: [c++ broker] Windows build error "cannot...
2018-03-28  Justin RossQPID-8048: Update versions for the next release
2018-03-21  Justin RossQPID-8048: Update to snapshot version
2018-03-21  Justin RossQPID-8048: Update versions for 1.38.0-rc1 1.38.0 1.38.0-rc1
8 weeks ago 1.38.0 Release 1.38.0
2 months ago 1.38.0-rc1 Tag 1.38.0-rc1
6 months ago 1.37.0 Release 1.37.0
6 months ago 1.37.0-rc1 tag 1.37.0-rc1
17 months ago 1.36.0 Release 1.36.0
17 months ago 1.36.0-rc1 tag 1.36.0-rc1
20 months ago 1.35.0 Release 1.35.0
20 months ago 1.35.0-rc
21 months ago 1.35.0-beta
42 hours ago master
17 months ago 1.36.x
20 months ago 1.35.x