descriptionApache Qpid C++
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 17 Jan 2018 10:22:31 +0000 (10:22 +0000)
6 days ago  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update year in NOTICE file master
13 days ago  Justin RossQPID-8072: Remove the obsolete Ruby management API
2017-11-21  Robbie GemmellQPID-8048, QPID-7920: update versions for 1.38.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-11-21  Robbie GemmellQPID-7920: update versions for 1.37.0-rc1 1.37.0 1.37.0-rc1
2017-11-21  Robbie GemmellQPID-7920: update notes and helper script for releases
2017-11-21  Irina BovermanQPID-7871: always include .bat files in setup package
2017-11-21  Robbie GemmellQPID-8043: some tweaks made to the Travis config during...
2017-11-21  Robbie GemmellQPID-8043: relax -e for availability checks, allows...
2017-11-20  Robbie GemmellQPID-8043: update cert generation to add extension...
2017-11-17  Keith WallQPID-8041: Allow virtualhost field to be specified...
2017-11-16  Alan ConwayNO-JIRA: Remove unwanted output from run_ssl_tests
2017-11-16  Alan ConwayNO-JIRA: Better error reporting from run_ssl_tests
2017-11-16  Alan ConwayQPID-7991: Segfault in broker while processing active...
2017-11-15  Chuck RolkeQPID-8037: Compile error on Visual Studio 2017: auto_pt...
2017-11-02  Robbie GemmellQPID-7712: update check for proton version to avoid...
2017-10-27  Justin RossQPID-7893: Improvements to initialzation fixes from...
8 weeks ago 1.37.0 Release 1.37.0
2 months ago 1.37.0-rc1 tag 1.37.0-rc1
13 months ago 1.36.0 Release 1.36.0
13 months ago 1.36.0-rc1 tag 1.36.0-rc1
16 months ago 1.35.0 Release 1.35.0
16 months ago 1.35.0-rc
17 months ago 1.35.0-beta
6 days ago master
13 months ago 1.36.x
16 months ago 1.35.x