descriptionApache Qpid Interop Test
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2019-01-29  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update years in NOTICE file master
2018-12-14  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update repo location links/metadata
2018-08-10  Kim van der... QPIDIT-136: Fix python2.7 site package path in PYTHON3P...
2018-08-03  Kim van der... QPIDIT-135: Added check for Python3 availability, disab...
2018-07-16  Kim van der... QPIDIT-125: Minor addition to file
2018-07-16  Kim van der... QPIDIT-128: Changed construction of JAVA_HOME to be...
2018-07-16  Kim van der... QPIDIT-133: Removed float test values 'inf', '-inf...
2018-07-12  Robbie GemmellQPIDIT-127: also override up to surefire 2.21.0 to...
2018-07-12  Robbie GemmellQPIDIT-125: try adding a sub-heading for visibility...
2018-07-12  Robbie GemmellQPIDIT-125: some more quickstart tweaks
2018-07-12  Robbie GemmellQPIDIT-125: focus on details that works rather than...
2018-07-12  Robbie GemmellQPIDIT-125: correct component title/intro in README...
2018-07-11  Kim van der... QPIDIT-125: More minor updates to
2018-07-11  Kim van der... QPIDIT-125: Minor updates to
2018-07-10  Kim van der... QPIDIT-129: Updated hard-coded shim version number...
2018-07-09  Kim van der... QPIDIT-127: Updated parent apache pom to v19
5 months ago 0.2.0 QIT released version 0.2.0
6 months ago 0.2.0-rc4 Proposed release: v0.2.0-rc4
7 months ago 0.2.0-rc3 Proposed release: v0.2.0-rc3
7 months ago 0.2.0-rc1 Proposed release: 0.2.0-rc1
15 months ago 0.1.0-rc5 0.1.0-rc5
15 months ago 0.1.0 0.1.0
15 months ago 0.1.0-rc4 0.1.0-rc4
16 months ago 0.1.0-rc3 0.1.0-rc3
16 months ago 0.1-rc2 0.1-rc2
17 months ago 0.1-rc1 Proposed release: v0.1 RC1
3 weeks ago master
6 months ago 0.2.x
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