9 days ago  Timothy BishPROTON-2614 Update version for next development cycle main
9 days ago  Timothy BishPROTON-2614 Update version for next release cycle 1.0.0-M4
2022-09-14  Timothy BishPROTON-2611 Allow for configuration of a custom deliver...
2022-09-06  Timothy BishPROTON-2600 Fix leak of delivery tracking if settled...
2022-08-08  Timothy BishPROTON-2589 Update version for next development cycle
2022-08-08  Timothy BishPROTON-2589 Update version for next release cycle 1.0.0-M3
2022-08-08  Timothy BishPROTON-2588 Update the framework and test libraries...
2022-07-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2585 Add some cleanups around request timeout...
2022-07-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2584 Better manage prefetch and credit replenish
2022-07-15  Timothy BishPROTON-2579 Improve the containerize test speed
2022-07-11  Timothy BishPROTON-2577 Update version for next development cycle
2022-07-11  Timothy BishPROTON-2577 Update version for tag of releae 1.0.0-M2 1.0.0-M2
2022-07-11  Timothy BishPROTON-2576 Ensure tracking map is updated correctly...
2022-06-29  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Add a README.md to the engine and client...
2022-06-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2570 Try to detect disabled MD5 Algorithm and...
2022-06-08  Timothy BishPROTON-2560 Allow tests and examples builds to roll...
2022-05-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Remove .vscode folders from source control
2022-05-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Allow the easy enable of debug option in...
2022-05-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Build script improvements
2022-05-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Update workspace file and gitignore with...
2022-05-27  Timothy BishPROTON-2551 Update to .NET 6 for CI builds
2022-05-26  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Update version file for development snapshot
2022-05-26  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Update version file for release 1.0.0-M1 1.0.0-M1
2022-05-25  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Add license into generated solution file
2022-05-25  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Fix warnings from Roslyn code analysis...
2022-05-25  Timothy BishPROTON-2549 Add a next receiver API to connection and...
2022-05-19  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Fix some documentation errors and cleanup
2022-05-19  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Add a docs build target to the build script
2022-05-18  Timothy BishPROTON-2548 Update versions file with latest releases...
2022-04-25  Timothy BishSimplify the composite buffer validation scan logic
2022-04-25  Timothy BishAdd podman option for container build and test
2022-04-22  Timothy BishAdd feature to build and test in a docker container
2022-04-21  Timothy BishRemove unneeded extracted key file
2022-04-21  Timothy Bishremove hardcoded user relative path
2022-04-21  Timothy BishAdd build and package of docs to build script
2022-04-20  Timothy BishAdd change to engine based on coverage analysis
2022-04-20  Timothy BishAdditional code updates based on code analysis
2022-04-20  Timothy BishFix several minor code nits from static code analysis
2022-04-19  Timothy BishSign the test peer assembly to fix warning on build...
2022-04-19  Timothy BishUpdate dependencies to latest releases
2022-04-19  Timothy BishAdd initial support for doc generation
2022-04-19  Timothy BishAdd a signing command to the build script
2022-04-19  Timothy BishAdd work on packaging a release
2022-04-19  Timothy BishUpdate tests to not produce excessive console output
2022-04-19  Timothy BishAdd rat checks to build script and fix some headers
2022-04-14  Timothy BishBring in the common build elements to example projects
2022-04-14  Timothy BishAdd missing license headers to example csproj files
2022-04-14  Timothy BishContinued work on project build structure
2022-04-14  Timothy BishUpdate project build structure for future release work
2022-04-14  Timothy BishAdd a psuedo project for root level files in the project
2022-04-14  Timothy BishCreate a receiver link base class for common receiver...
2022-04-14  Timothy BishRemove need for internal allow on proton project config
2022-04-14  Timothy BishAdd a signing key for strong named assembly
2022-04-14  Timothy BishExclude non-pacakged projects from nuget pack
2022-04-14  Timothy BishUpdate notice file year range
2022-04-14  Timothy BishAdd a start on build script and single version source
2022-04-04  Timothy BishAdditional code fixes from static analysis
2022-04-04  Timothy BishFix several code issues found with static code analysis
2022-04-01  Timothy BishCode cleanup from static analysis
2022-04-01  Timothy BishClean up some code based on code analysis
2022-03-31  Timothy BishSimplify the transaction context API
2022-03-31  Timothy BishFix out of order disposition test failure
2022-03-31  Timothy BishFlatten common implementation details for links into...
2022-03-31  Timothy BishClen up some unsued code paths in senders
2022-03-30  Timothy BishRefactor the sender and stream sender APIs
2022-03-30  Timothy BishFix some formatting errors
2022-03-30  Timothy BishAdd async variations of receive methods to the API
2022-03-30  Timothy BishSplit normal receiver and streaming receiver APIs cleanly
2022-03-30  Timothy BishFurther refactoring the resource API into links
2022-03-29  Timothy BishCreate a common link interface for senders and receivers
2022-03-29  Timothy BishFix race on close receiver and apply disposition in...
2022-03-29  Timothy BishBreak some hard type dependencies for future refactoring
2022-03-29  Timothy BishRefactor Recevier for future async receive APIs
2022-03-28  Timothy BishAdd more validation checks in stream credit refill...
2022-03-28  Timothy BishFix stream receiver auto accept behavior and credit...
2022-03-24  Timothy BishAdd some credit handling tests to the receiver tests
2022-03-23  Timothy BishPolish the proton API for unsettled deliveries on links
2022-03-23  Timothy BishAdd additional async APIs for receivers
2022-03-23  Timothy BishAdd an async add credit method for receivers
2022-03-23  Timothy BishRemove unused connection request internal API
2022-03-22  Timothy BishAdds SSL support to the client and some basic test...
2022-03-22  Timothy Bishdisable CI test for SSL until certificate location...
2022-03-22  Timothy BishAdds SSL support to AMQP test client and server
2022-03-21  Timothy BishAdds some basic SSL authentication plumbing in test...
2022-03-21  Timothy BishConfigure socket options in test peer services
2022-03-18  Timothy BishRefactoring in peer and client transports for SSL
2022-03-17  Timothy BishAdd some basics needed for SSL and SSL testing
2022-03-16  Timothy BishClean up the TCP transports a bit
2022-03-16  Timothy BishAdd some new SslOptions values for future SSL work
2022-03-16  Timothy BishWrap network stream in buffered stream instances
2022-03-16  Timothy BishAdd interface for future work
2022-03-16  Timothy BishConfigureAwait false for all internal synchronous waits
2022-03-15  Timothy BishRemove outdated todo
2022-03-15  Timothy BishPrevent idle processing from occuring during client...
2022-03-15  Timothy BishAdd some TCP transport options to configuration
2022-03-15  Timothy BishTest reconnect location pool and add some fixes
2022-03-14  Timothy BishClean up and implement some outstanding todo work
2022-03-14  Timothy BishImplement a version of SendAsync from the Connection...
2022-03-14  Timothy BishAdd async variations of most IConnection APIs
2022-03-14  Timothy BishClean up some API imports etc