descriptionApache Ranger
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 26 Mar 2017 09:03:12 +0000 (05:03 -0400)
17 hours ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1473:There is invalid clause in the installer... master
17 hours ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1467:The password is not set after the user...
38 hours ago  Nitin GalaveRANGER-1476-Editing should be allowed for External...
3 days ago  Sailaja PolavarapuRANGER-1392: Hive test connection is failing even if...
4 days ago  zhangqiang2RANGER-1469:The user group would be duplicate created...
4 days ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1470:The logic of the solr_for_audit_setup insta...
4 days ago  Abhay KulkarniRANGER-1472: tag downloads fail with error "XXServiceRe...
4 days ago  zhangqiang2RANGER-1468:To make the search tips of Plugin-Status...
5 days ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1449:RANGER-1449:There is logical inconsistency...
6 days ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1452:The install program used SOLR_RANGER_COLLEC...
6 days ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1465:Parse properties file error for kms
10 days ago  peng.jianhuaRANGER-1415:The ranger can be opened when the user...
10 days ago  zhangqiang2RANGER-1461:The printing error of callback in ConsolePr...
10 days ago  zhangqiang2RANGER-1456:Fix the spelling error in HDFS plugin
10 days ago  zhangqiang2RANGER-1462:Fix the spelling error in Solr Authorization
10 days ago  Abhay KulkarniRANGER-1463: Good coding practices per static code...
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