descriptionApache Roller
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 27 Nov 2017 23:18:58 +0000 (18:18 -0500)
2017-11-27  Dave JohnsonIgnore some tests that depend on master
2017-11-06  Dave JohnsonMerge tag 'roller-5.2.0'
2017-11-06  Dave JohnsonPrepare for final release. roller-5.2.0 roller-5.2.0
2017-10-21  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-6 roller-5.2.0-rc-6
2017-10-18  Dave JohnsonAdding disable method for pings action
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-5 roller-5.2.0-rc-5
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonFixes to Planet's custom groups save, update and delete.
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonComment out @AllowedActions annotations because (they...
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonCorrect Struts2 <s:property> syntax for getting directo...
2017-10-15  Dave JohnsonAdd missing allowed action for "accept"
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-4. roller-5.2.0-rc-4
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonPreparing for rc-4
2017-10-14  Dave JohnsonAdd missing log4j-core dependency and reduce Log4j2...
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonEnsure that is not "filtered" by...
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonAdded missing action names needed for DMI.
2017-10-08  Dave JohnsonExplicitly list directories that should be included...
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