SAMZA-1286: Close zk connection in ZkController.stop()
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2016-12-22  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1031: Update to Java 1.8 source compatibility...
2016-08-10  Navina RameshUpdating release steps and mirror links
2015-12-07  Yi Pan (Data Infra... SAMZA-831: prepare for 0.10.0 release candidate
2015-09-01  Yi PanSAMZA-725: Fix the to add more complete...
2015-01-24  Yi PanSAMZA-520; update website with TLP changes.
2014-11-19  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-472; update release docs to fix gpg command
2014-11-18  Yi PanSAMZA-430; update BeanProperty package space
2014-06-30  Martin KleppmannSAMZA-199: Publish Maven builds as part of release
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanSAMZA-283: Resolve gradle wrapper jar issue
2014-04-22  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-95; remove jacoco to make projectReport work...
2014-02-28  Jakob HomanSAMZA-160: Remove Scala 2.8 support, default to 2.10.
2013-08-12  Chris Riccominiinitial import.