SAMZA-2035: Detect CachingTableDescriptor as remote table.
[samza.git] / bin /
2018-06-22  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1748: Standalone failure tests.
2018-04-24  Cameron LeeSAMZA-1685: Need to resolve redirects for virtualenv...
2018-01-10  Dong LinSAMZA-1530; Bump up Kafka dependency to 0.11
2017-12-21  Jacob MaesMerge script improvement - use colons instead of semicolons
2017-10-11  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1451: Disable integration tests conditionally...
2017-09-12  Xinyu LiuMerge branch 'master' into 0.14.0
2017-08-16  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1355 : Enable standalone integration tests condit...
2017-03-31  vjagadish1989 SAMZA-1135 - Support scala 2.12
2016-12-22  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1031: Update to Java 1.8 source compatibility...
2016-12-22  McIntosh, CraigSAMZA-469: Update Scala version to 2.11
2016-09-30  Navina RameshSAMZA-1030; Add documentation for change in the contrib...
2016-09-28  JagadishSAMZA-880 - Moving to github/pull-request for code...
2016-08-23  Jacob MaesSAMZA-976 - Samza REST Documentation
2016-07-29  Xinyu LiuSAMZA-970 : Problems with integration tests
2015-11-25  Aleksandar PejakovicSAMZA-781: Upgrade minimum YARN version to 2.6.1 release-0.10.0-rc0
2015-09-25  Aleksandar PejakovicSAMZA-562: Make Samza minimum supported Yarn version 2.6
2015-06-11  Aleksandar PejakovicSAMZA-474: check-all script fails more gracefully in...
2015-04-13  Jakob HomanSAMZA-646: Remove support for JDK6
2015-02-26  Navina RameshSAMZA-394; fix legacy integration tests
2015-02-26  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-544; move TestSamzaContainerPerformance to an...
2015-01-24  Navina RameshSAMZA-521; updating doap for TLP
2015-01-14  Navina RameshSAMZA-468; create an integration test suite for samza.
2014-11-18  Yi PanSAMZA-470; test jdk8 in bin/
2014-11-18  Yi PanSAMZA-430; update BeanProperty package space
2014-08-26  Jakob HomanSAMZA-391: Test against YARN 2.5.*
2014-08-15  Yan FangSAMZA-259: Restructure documentation folders
2014-07-31  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-360; sets java home for gradle corre...
2014-07-29  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-202; support java 8 for runtime and compile time