Update version for 0.11.0 release
[samza.git] / gradle.properties
2016-09-29  Xinyu LiuUpdate version for 0.11.0 release release-0.11.0-rc0
2015-12-19  Yi Pan (Data Infra... SAMZA-831: Update Samza 0.10 online documentation
2015-03-24  Yan FangSAMZA-613: update 0.9.0 release version. bump up to...
2014-12-09  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-494; update version to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2014-07-30  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-357; default to utf8 to fix rat task failures
2014-07-29  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-202; support java 8 for runtime and compile time
2014-06-26  Jakob HomanSAMZA-304: Bump version on trunk
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanSAMZA-283: Resolve gradle wrapper jar issue
2014-06-11  Jakob HomanSAMZA-92: More files in need of license headers
2014-02-28  Jakob HomanSAMZA-160: Remove Scala 2.8 support, default to 2.10.
2013-10-22  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-9; upgrading samza to yarn 2.2.0.
2013-10-07  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-52; cleaning up build.gradle to allow for custom...
2013-08-12  Chris Riccominiinitial import.