SAMZA-1595: Fix scalacCompileOptions format to build with zinc scala compiler.
[samza.git] / gradle /
2 days ago  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1595: Fix scalacCompileOptions format to build... master
2 days ago  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1593: Upgrade gradle nexus plugin.
2018-01-24  Xinyu LiuSAMZA-1557: Broadcast operator
2018-01-18  Fred JiSAMZA-1407: upgrade junit version to 4.12
2018-01-10  Dong LinSAMZA-1530; Bump up Kafka dependency to 0.11
2017-12-12  Srinivasulu PunuruDocumentation for Samza SQL
2017-11-16  Srinivasulu PunuruSamza SQL implementation for basic projects, filtering...
2017-11-14  Bharath Kumarasubr... SAMZA-1474: Bump up rocksdb version to 5.7.3 to include...
2017-05-09  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-1206; Fix TestJMXServer.
2017-04-20  Jiri HumpolicekSAMZA-868: support elasticsearch version 2.x
2017-03-31  vjagadish1989 SAMZA-1135 - Support scala 2.12
2017-03-22  Fred JiSAMZA-1149; upgrade mockito from 1.8.4 to 1.10.19
2017-03-09  Boris ShkolnikSAMZA-1124; Job coordinator with time out
2017-02-16  Yi Pan (Data Infra... SAMZA-1073: moving all operator classes into samza...
2017-02-13  navinaSAMZA-1082 : Implement Leader Election using ZK
2017-01-30  Prateek MaheshwariSAMZA-984; Upgraded RocksDB version to 5.0.1 and added...
2016-12-23  Shanthoosh Venkata... SAMZA-855; Upgrade Samza's Kafka client version to...
2016-12-22  McIntosh, CraigSAMZA-469: Update Scala version to 2.11
2016-11-30  Fred JiSAMZA-1048 : upgrade jetty dependency to Jetty 9 from...
2016-11-22  Yi Pan (Data Infra... SAMZA-1051: merge operator APIs to master
2016-08-23  Jacob MaesSAMZA-975 - Initial Samza REST Implementation
2016-02-29  Yi PanSAMZA-878: fix jackson version to 1.9.13
2015-11-25  Aleksandar PejakovicSAMZA-781: Upgrade minimum YARN version to 2.6.1 release-0.10.0-rc0
2015-10-16  NavinaSAMZA-747: Release RocksDB 3.13.1 java package
2015-09-25  Aleksandar PejakovicSAMZA-562: Make Samza minimum supported Yarn version 2.6
2015-08-18  Allen WittenauerSAMZA-759: Fix gradle rat report only gives xml on...
2015-08-17  Allen WittenauerSAMZA-758: Add plain text output to gradle rat report
2015-08-14  Shadi A. NoghabiSAMZA-724: Create a tool to read configuration changes...
2015-07-10  Dan HarveySAMZA-654: added Elasticsearch Producer
2015-05-14  Naveen SomasundaramSAMZA-537: added RocksDB TTL support
2015-03-24  Yan FangSAMZA-612: remove "incubating" in release.gradle
2015-03-16  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-599; upgrade to kafka
2015-03-13  Bennett AndrewsSAMZA-596; upgrade scala test to 2.2.4
2015-02-12  Chris RiccominiRevert "SAMZA-482; create samza-sql module, and add...
2015-02-12  Chris RiccominiRevert "SAMZA-484; define serialization for tuples...
2015-02-12  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-522; upgrade to Kafka
2015-02-11  Navina RameshSAMZA-484; define serialization for tuples in samza-sql
2015-02-10  Yi PanSAMZA-482; create samza-sql module, and add a basic...
2015-02-06  David ChenSAMZA-93; gradle check should fail if missing license...
2015-02-04  Ruslan KhafizovSAMZA-435; remove leveldb
2015-01-28  Navina RameshSAMZA-227; upgrade kafka producer to new java client
2015-01-24  Yi PanSAMZA-520; update website with TLP changes.
2014-11-18  Yi PanSAMZA-430; update BeanProperty package space
2014-11-04  Chinmay SomanSAMZA-319: Address release feedback
2014-10-16  Naveen SomasundaramSAMZA-236; add a rocksdb state implementation
2014-08-22  Yan FangSAMZA-361: Remove Grizzled SLF4J
2014-08-05  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-350; allow dynamic log level toggling
2014-07-29  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-202; support java 8 for runtime and compile time
2014-07-24  Jakob HomanMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-07-23  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-351; rename environment.gradle to customize.gradl...
2014-07-17  Chinmay SomanSAMZA-337; compress configs passed through environment...
2014-07-10  Chinmay SomanSAMZA-256; write an in-memory store
2014-07-09  David ChenSAMZA-285: Use Apache Rat for release audit tests
2014-06-30  Martin KleppmannSAMZA-199: Publish Maven builds as part of release
2014-06-25  Jakob HomanSAMZA-284: Resolve bundled Kafka jar issue
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-13  Jakob HomanSAMZA-283: Resolve gradle wrapper jar issue
2014-06-11  Jakob HomanSAMZA-92: More files in need of license headers
2014-05-30  Zhijie ShenSAMZA-186: Upgrade Samza to YARN 2.4
2014-05-13  David ChenSAMZA-32; make AM dashboard look better
2014-05-02  Zhijie ShenSAMZA-218: Show container start-time and up-time on...
2014-04-05  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-219; drop scala test version to 1.9.2, since...
2014-04-02  Martin KleppmannSAMZA-180: Command-line tool for manipulating checkpoin...
2014-03-19  Jakob HomanSAMZA-161: Fix the warnings in check task
2014-03-18  Martin KleppmannSAMZA-185: Upgrade Samza to Kafka 0.8.1. Reviewed by...
2014-02-28  Jakob HomanSAMZA-160: Remove Scala 2.8 support, default to 2.10.
2014-01-21  Jakob HomanMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-01-21  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-132; upgrade leveldb to 1.8.
2014-01-15  Dan Di SpaltroSAMZA-128; support scala 2.10
2013-10-22  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-9; upgrading samza to yarn 2.2.0.
2013-10-07  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-52; cleaning up build.gradle to allow for custom...
2013-08-12  Chris Riccominiinitial import.