Update version for 0.11.0 release
[samza.git] / settings.gradle
2016-08-23  Jacob MaesSAMZA-975 - Initial Samza REST Implementation
2015-08-14  Shadi A. NoghabiSAMZA-724: Create a tool to read configuration changes...
2015-08-07  Eli ReismanSAMZA-693: added simple HDFS Producer system
2015-07-10  Dan HarveySAMZA-654: added Elasticsearch Producer
2015-02-12  Chris RiccominiRevert "SAMZA-482; create samza-sql module, and add...
2015-02-10  Yi PanSAMZA-482; create samza-sql module, and add a basic...
2015-02-04  Ruslan KhafizovSAMZA-435; remove leveldb
2014-11-21  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-473; remove samza-serializers package
2014-10-16  Naveen SomasundaramSAMZA-236; add a rocksdb state implementation
2014-08-05  Chris RiccominiSAMZA-350; allow dynamic log level toggling
2014-07-10  Chinmay SomanSAMZA-256; write an in-memory store
2014-06-11  Jakob HomanSAMZA-92: More files in need of license headers
2013-08-12  Chris Riccominiinitial import.