2018-12-18  Willem JiangPolish the file master
2018-12-18  Willem JiangSCB-1082 Fixed the demo test error on Mac OSX
2018-12-18  Willem JiangUpdated the project version to 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-12-15  asifdxtremeCut 0.3.0 Release 0.3.0
2018-12-15  asifdxtremeUpdate the License Files
2018-12-12  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the artifact id of release kit
2018-12-12  Willem JiangSCB-976 Update the release distribution of saga-actuator
2018-12-12  Willem JiangSCB-976 Updated the travis script to fix the build
2018-12-12  Willem JiangSCB-976 Removed the accept test module
2018-12-11  Willem JiangSCB-976 Clean up the pom of saga-demo
2018-12-11  Willem JiangSCB-976 Clean up the files
2018-12-10  Willem JiangPolish the README files.
2018-12-10  Willem JiangUpdate the README file with latest repo name
2018-12-10  Willem JiangUpdate the for the github starts
2018-11-19  Willem JiangDeploy the artifacts without enable the docker plugin
2018-11-11  Willem JiangSCB-1018 Upgrade spring boot version to 1.5.17, 2.0.6
2018-11-09  Zheng FengSCB-973 update to remvoing the incubator
2018-11-09  Willem JiangSCB-973 Updated the Readme files for the ServiceComb...
2018-11-08  Willem JiangSCB-820 Updated the pom setting with docker
2018-10-31  Willem JiangUpdated the README files
2018-10-25  Amos FengMerge pull request #322 from KomachiSion/SCB-962
2018-10-24  KomachiSionSCB-962 transaction support retries parameter.
2018-10-18  Willem JiangPulish the test script
2018-10-16  Willem JiangPublish the snapshot without running test
2018-09-15  Willem JiangUpdate README file for new added TCC demo
2018-09-05  Willem JiangOnly deploy the spring-boot-1 version artifacts
2018-09-05  imlijinting[SCB-820] Added Tcc Demo
2018-09-04  KomachiSionSCB-864 change Object back to String.
2018-09-04  KomachiSionSCB-864 modify document for support multiple parameters...
2018-09-04  KomachiSionSCB-864 modify JacksonFromJsonFormatForSQL unit test...
2018-09-04  KomachiSionSCB-864 modify SQLTransport to support multiple paramet...
2018-09-04  KomachiSionSCB-864 modify SQLTransport to support multiple paramet...
2018-08-31  Willem JiangOnly deploy the artifacts in cron job
2018-08-29  Willem JiangSCB-879 Added the aspectjweaver.jar into the docker...
2018-08-29  Willem JiangSCB-875 Added the +x properties on the script file
2018-08-29  fcgSCB-875: Start the old saga demo with sh script (#279)
2018-08-29  Willem JiangUpdate the conditional-transaction-demo docker-compose...
2018-08-29  Zhen JuUpdate the images' tag to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT in dependency...
2018-08-29  Willem JiangSCB-868 Clean up the Alpha dependencies
2018-08-29  maheshrajus[SCB-868] Add Kamon metrics to Alpha Server
2018-08-28  Willem JiangSCB-818 Implements the TccEventServie of grpc
2018-08-28  KomachiSionSCB-864 add SQL component content into API document
2018-08-27  Zhen JuAdd the load test guide.
2018-08-25  KomachiSionSCB-867 Add test for SQL Jackson format
2018-08-25  KomachiSionSCB-867 Add SQL type Jackson format
2018-08-25  KomachiSionSCB-866 extend SQLTransport type
2018-08-23  KomachiSionSCB-867 Adapting Rest json to the generalization of...
2018-08-23  KomachiSionSCB-866 generalize TransportFactory to extend Transport
2018-08-22  Zhen JuAdd the ref to debugging in root document's quick start...
2018-08-22  Zhen JuAdd the ref to debugging in other demos' documents.
2018-08-21  KomachiSionSCB-855 fix computeIfAbsent rewrite infinite loop error
2018-08-21  KomachiSionSCB-855 extract an empty map constant
2018-08-21  KomachiSionSCB-855 change maven-compiler supported jdk7
2018-08-21  KomachiSionSCB-855 Support JDK7 in saga-format test
2018-08-21  KomachiSionSCB-855 Support JDK7 in saga-format
2018-08-20  Willem JiangFix the formate issue README
2018-08-20  Willem JiangUpdated Readme file for the new added Omega plugins
2018-08-20  Willem JiangSCB-853 Saga-core supports JDK7 now
2018-08-20  Willem JiangSCB-852 Added the uncommitted pom of saga-core-akka
2018-08-20  Willem JiangSCB-852 Fixed the build error by adding saga-core-akka...
2018-08-20  Willem JiangSCB-852 Split akka related code to saga-core-akka
2018-08-16  Willem JiangFixed the deprecated warning issues of saga-core
2018-08-13  Willem JiangSCB-834 Upgrade Akka version to 2.5.14
2018-08-12  Willem JiangClean up the pom.xml setting
2018-08-10  zhengyangyongSCB-830 update chassis from 1.0.0-m2 to 1.0.0 (#247)
2018-08-09  crystaldust[SCB-824] Fix the bug that demos cannot be built: add...
2018-08-09  Willem JiangFixed the warning message of saga-format
2018-08-08  Yang BoSCB-822 Update LICENSE/NOTICE (#242)
2018-08-08  Yang BoSCB-821 Add missing dependency management for omega...
2018-08-07  jeremyxu2010[SCB-813] Fix the pack-contract-grpc build issue on...
2018-08-07  Willem JiangFixed the build waring of saga-format
2018-08-06  Willem JiangSCB-665 Added the design document for the TCC
2018-08-06  Willem JiangSCB-806 Updated the License file for the new dependency...
2018-08-06  Willem JiangSCB-806 Polished the log setting of Alpha-Server
2018-08-06  jeremyxu2010[SCB-806] Polish alpha-server logger setting
2018-07-31  Willem JiangUpdated the gitter room address
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Fixed the build error with Spring-Boot-2
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Fix the integration error of dependency-free...
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Cleanup the test code
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Updated the microservice configuration
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Keep fixing the build error
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Fixed the ServiceCenterDiscoveryRestTransportTest
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 WIP Upgrade the version of java-chassis
2018-07-27  Willem JiangSCB-692 Restore the old sage files
2018-07-21  Willem JiangSCB-766 Upgraded spring boot version 1.5.13 and 2.0.3.
2018-07-18  Yang Bo[SCB-750] Add missing dependency management
2018-07-18  Willem JiangUpdated the README files
2018-07-11  Lionelupdate the LICESE.
2018-07-11  Lionel1. Add the omega-transport-feign into distribution kit
2018-07-11  asifdxtremeAdd Gitter Badge
2018-06-26  Willem JiangRename the saga-spring-cloud-demo to saga-spring-demo
2018-06-26  Willem JiangSCB-244 Clean up the dependency versions
2018-06-26  zhengyangyongSCB-244 fix pr comment
2018-06-26  zhengyangyongSCB-244 add servicecomb demo
2018-06-23  Willem JiangAdded maven repo release badge into
2018-06-14  SingleXSCB-630 Active the -Pdocker profile if detect the docke...
2018-06-14  Willem JiangTry to avoid default install action in PR build
2018-06-07  Yang BoSCB-647 Add missing ASF header for shell scripts
2018-06-06  tuohai666fix typos in
2018-06-06  tuohai666fix typos in