5 days ago  吴晟 Wu ShengBump up the OAP version (#82) main
6 days ago  kezhenxu94Optimize the mysql case by using sidecar for metrics...
6 days ago  kezhenxu94Add feature slow sql to showcase using mysql as example...
10 days ago  Ye CaoBump up swck version to v0.7.0 (#79)
2022-09-20  kezhenxu94Add guava plugin to swck annotation
2022-09-20  pg.yangAdd virtual cache show case (#77)
2022-09-20  kezhenxu94Add missing env var and set default log level to info...
2022-09-09  kezhenxu94Bump up cert-manager version to support newer Kubernete...
2022-09-08  kezhenxu94Update resources.yaml (#76)
2022-09-07  John DuncanFix otel/opentelemetry-collector wrong version (#75)
2022-09-06  kezhenxu94Increase ES response timeout
2022-09-06  kezhenxu94feature: split elasticsearch storage to a individual...
2022-08-30  mrproliusync network profiling UI and add network profiling...
2022-08-25  kezhenxu94feature: add postgresql monitoring feature (#72)
2022-08-24  kezhenxu94Switch to otlp exporter for all OTEL collector (#71)
2022-08-22  jmjoyReplace command `docker-compose` with `docker compose...
2022-08-18  mrproliuFix missing meter config for analyze spring sleuth...
2022-08-18  zhang-weispecify the OpenFunction version (#68)
2022-08-18  mrproliuSupport collect Spring Sleuth metrics (#67)
2022-08-18  吴晟 Wu ShengRevert "Support collect spring-sleuth metrics (#65...
2022-08-18  mrproliuSupport collect spring-sleuth metrics (#65)
2022-08-15  yswdqzUpdate the doc for MySQL showcase. (#64)
2022-08-15  yswdqzAdd MySQL monitoring in showcase. (#63)
2022-08-07  kezhenxu94Bump up swck version
2022-07-28  mrproliuUpdate dependency for Network Profiling (#62)
2022-07-28  mrproliuFix missing tables in the init mode (#61)
2022-07-28  mrproliuSupport network profiling (#60)
2022-07-20  kezhenxu94Move prerequisite checks into targets (#58)
2022-07-12  kezhenxu94Remove conflict plugin to fix gateway agent (#56)
2022-06-25  dependabot... Bump nanoid from 3.1.30 to 3.3.4 in /services/app/ui...
2022-06-25  kezhenxu94Delete yarn.lock (#54)
2022-06-20  chenxiaohuFix vm monitor not working in docker compse env. (#52)
2022-06-16  Wan Kaimissing `v` from satellite version (#51)
2022-06-16  Wan Kaiupdate UI (#50)
2022-06-16  Wan Kaiupdate showcase (#49)
2022-06-15  Fine0830Simulate errors for client-js (#48)
2022-06-14  吴晟 Wu ShengRevert "Simulate errors for client-js (#45)" (#47)
2022-06-14  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate
2022-06-14  吴晟 Wu ShengBump up OAP/UI for browser log query bug fix (#46)
2022-06-14  Fine0830Simulate errors for client-js (#45)
2022-06-08  zhang-weiUpgrade OpenFunction/functions-framework-go version...
2022-06-08  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate OAP/UI to 9.2.0-dev (#43)
2022-06-06  mrproliuUpdate the rover image and fix missing the path of...
2022-06-02  kezhenxu94Move trace profiling to separate feature, add some...
2022-06-02  kezhenxu94Add on demand log (#40)
2022-05-27  mrproliuSync the rover image for provide more dumps in the...
2022-05-24  mrproliuSync images for the OFF_CPU Profiling and Add Profiling...
2022-05-20  mrproliuSync images for the OFF_CPU Profiling (#36)
2022-05-16  mrproliuSync OAP, Satellite and Rover for the eBPF Process...
2022-05-12  mrproliuSync OAP and UI image (#34)
2022-05-12  mrproliuIncrease the eBPF Profiling trigger frequency (#33)
2022-05-12  mrproliuAdd Rover into the Kubernetes environment (#31)
2022-05-11  sacloudFix makefile-conversion-bug (#32)
2022-04-10  kezhenxu94Fix function error
2022-04-09  zhang-weiAdd feature function (#29)
2022-04-08  mrproliuFix route to the satellite failure when using java...
2022-04-08  kezhenxu94Enable satellite by default as showcase always deploy it
2022-04-08  kezhenxu94Upgrade agent in SWCK injector
2022-04-08  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate client-js agent to 0.8.0 (#27)
2022-04-08  kezhenxu94Rename RocketBot UI and enable gateway plugin in gatewa...
2022-04-08  kezhenxu94Remove E2E and rename UI image env var name (#25)
2022-04-08  mrproliuUpdate the satellite image (#24)
2022-04-06  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate oap/ui images (#20)
2022-04-02  kezhenxu94Upgrade NodeJS backend commit hash
2022-04-01  Kaiupdate oap environment variables (#19)
2022-04-01  kezhenxu94Bump up OAP and UI to latest v9
2022-04-01  mrproliuAdd Satellite component and update the version of backe...
2022-03-30  Wu ShengUpdate readme.
2022-03-24  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate Java agent to fix thread pool metric (#17)
2022-03-24  Kaiupdate nodejs (#16)
2022-03-22  kezhenxu94Enable Spring gateway plugin
2022-02-24  kezhenxu94Set Java version explicitly in publishing images
2022-02-24  kezhenxu94Enlarge ES and make uninstallation commands idempotent
2022-02-19  kezhenxu94Add logs-traces correlation and enlarge ES resource...
2022-01-19  dashanjiAdd Java agent injector feature (#14)
2021-12-12  吴晟 Wu ShengUpdate OAP to avoid CVE as exposed on demo env (#13)
2021-11-26  kezhenxu94Fix app agent service name cannot be modified via env var
2021-11-22  kezhenxu94Add alarm feature to demo, fix control plane metrics...
2021-11-22  kezhenxu94Add custom service name for control plane metrics
2021-11-22  kezhenxu94Fix wrong service name in event exporter
2021-11-22  kezhenxu94Add missing group name for event exporter
2021-11-21  kezhenxu94Overhaul istio control plane monitor feature (#11)
2021-11-19  kezhenxu94Always pull images in case of `latest`
2021-11-18  kezhenxu94Polish undeploy and remove unnecessary namespace
2021-11-18  kezhenxu94Add feature event (#10)
2021-11-17  kezhenxu94Add missing uninstall command for istio and kube-state...
2021-11-17  Jared Tanfix SW_STORAGE_ES_INDEX_REPLICAS_NUMBER wrong place...
2021-11-17  吴晟 Wu ShengActivate all components in doc by default and polish...
2021-11-15  吴晟 Wu ShengBump OAP and RocketBot UI to latest 8.9 dev (#5)
2021-11-15  kezhenxu94Fine tune the report interval of UI
2021-11-15  kezhenxu94Add kube-state-metrics for missing Kubernetes monitorin...
2021-11-14  kezhenxu94Enable all features by default and add prerequisites...
2021-11-14  kezhenxu94Add `.asf.yaml` to set GitHub metadata
2021-11-14  Jared TanFix too many shards causing ES cluster yellow (#3)
2021-11-13  kezhenxu94Expose the whole ElasticSearch image as variable instea...
2021-11-12  Jared TanFix wait for es (#2)
2021-11-11  kezhenxu94Add Kubernetes monitoring feature
2021-11-11  kezhenxu94Add missing config for Envoy metrics service
2021-11-11  kezhenxu94Add hint to expose UI port
2021-11-11  SuperskyyyReplace tab with space to make the error work (#1)