2022-05-24  Ashok Pellurudeprecated org-apache-sling-scripting-console master
2022-03-01  Konrad WindszusClarify lack of support by Eclipse EGit
2022-01-11  Dan KlcoSLING-11051 - fixing the javadoc badge
2021-09-29  Robert Munteanudefault.xml: thumbnails module is back to master
2021-09-23  Konrad Windszusadd revision per project (#4)
2021-09-22  Robert MunteanuAdd a script to output a plain-text listing of GitHub...
2021-09-22  Robert MunteanuMerge pull request #5 from apache/issue/fix-repo-sync
2021-09-22  Robert MunteanuTemporarily override the revision for the thumbnails... 5/head
2021-08-11  Dan KlcoAdding the thumbnails project
2021-07-30  Bertrand DelacretazHow to update default.xml
2021-07-30  Bertrand DelacretazMention repolist page
2021-07-30  Bertrand DelacretazNote about mass pushes
2021-07-30  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - archive scripts which are not needed...
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - script as REALLY used for the initial...
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - script as used for the initial SECURITY...
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazRevert "SLING-10676 - add or update" which...
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add or update
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazRevert "SLING-10676 - add or update" which...
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add or update
2021-07-27  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - script to add
2021-07-27  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add, that should be copied...
2021-07-23  Radu Cotescuadded new groups
2021-07-23  Radu Cotescuupdated modules
2021-07-23  Radu Cotescuupdated the aggregator list
2021-07-02  Bertrand DelacretazAdd repo descriptions in default.xml (for https://sling...
2021-06-29  drudolphtrivial: add sling sitemap module to default.xml
2021-04-22  Dan KlcoMerge pull request #3 from stbischof/patch-1
2021-04-22  Stefan Bischoffix badged link for groups 3/head
2021-04-17  Dan KlcoRemoving old badge generation script
2021-04-16  Cris Rockwelladd recent modules to default.xml
2021-03-01  Radu Cotescutrivial: updated badges for all modules
2021-03-01  Radu CotescuSLING-9999 - Remove cyclic dependency between scripting...
2021-03-01  Radu Cotescutrivial: corrected Test Status badge
2020-10-12  Bertrand DelacretazAdd recent modules
2020-08-28  Radu Cotescudeprecated org-apache-sling-scripting-sightly-models...
2020-08-25  Dan KlcoFixed finding non-standard README.mds, fixed the check...
2020-08-24  Dan KlcoAdding sonarqube badges as per SLING-9682
2020-08-24  Dan KlcoImproving the badge scripts and updating the tables
2020-08-24  Dan KlcoImproving the badges script and updated the pages to...
2020-08-24  Radu CotescuSLING-9686 - Update project badges to point to ci-build...
2020-08-24  Radu CotescuUpdating badges for aggregator
2020-08-24  Radu CotescuSLING-9686 - Update project badges to point to ci-build...
2020-08-22  Dan KlcoUpdating to use badges from for...
2020-08-22  Dan KlcoAdding SonarQube badges for SLING-9682
2020-06-29  Robert Munteanudefault.xml: refresh repository list
2020-05-18  Robert Munteanu.gitignore: ignore Eclipse project file
2020-05-18  Robert Munteanudefault.xml: regenerate project list
2020-05-18  Robert Munteanucollect-sling-repos.groovy: 'Link' header is now lowercase
2020-05-18  Robert Munteanudefault.xml: add content-packagge-archetype
2020-05-07  Robert MunteanuCorrect slingpackager entry
2020-05-07  Robert MunteanuAdd slingpackager
2020-02-13  Andreas SchaeferAdded the Kickstart projects (and some others) to the...
2019-08-16  Andreas SchaeferRefresh repository list to include sling-feature-conver...
2019-08-05  Radu CotescuSLING-8598 - Deprecate
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescustarting & stopping grip is more resilient
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescustarting & stopping grip is more resilient
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescuupdated tables
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescucorrected links
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescuupdated tables
2019-07-31  Radu Cotescucorrected contrib and deprecated module lookups
2019-07-22  Radu Cotescuupdated modules tables
2019-07-22  Radu CotescuRefresh repository list
2019-06-19  Robert MunteanuRefresh repository list
2019-04-19  Andreas SchaeferRefresh repository list to include sling-project-archetype
2019-04-16  Robert MunteanuRefresh repository list
2019-04-16  Robert MunteanuRefresh repository list
2019-02-13  Robert MunteanuRegenerate default.xml
2019-01-31  Radu CotescuUpdating badges for aggregator
2019-01-31  Radu Cotescuadded auto_commit flag
2019-01-31  Radu Cotescuupdated modules tables
2019-01-31  Radu Cotescuupdated jenkins links for badge generators
2019-01-30  Robert MunteanuSLING-7245 - Validate pull requests using Jenkins
2019-01-21  Oliver Lietzfix typo
2019-01-21  Oliver Lietzadd org-apache-sling-bnd-plugins
2019-01-17  Dan KlcoUpdating modules
2019-01-17  Dan KlcoMerging latest from master
2019-01-16  Dan KlcoFixing issues around the loading of the contrib reposit...
2019-01-15  Dan KlcoUpdate
2019-01-15  sseifertrename repo sling-maven-sling-plugin to sling-maven...
2019-01-11  Dan KlcoUpdating to use a Groovy script and updating the files
2019-01-09  sseifertadd org-apache-sling-models-caconfig
2019-01-08  Robert MunteanuDocument checking out the master branch for all repos.
2018-12-10  Radu Cotescuupdated project tables
2018-12-07  Radu Cotescuadded new modules and updated tables
2018-11-09  Dan KlcoMerge commit 'cefd931f3835f4020b199688a9f158797f596f8c'
2018-11-09  Dan KlcoAdding pull request badges
2018-11-07  David Bosschaerttrivial: regenerated aggregator tables
2018-10-19  Robert MunteanuUpdate repositories list
2018-10-18  Radu Cotescutrivial: regenerated aggregator tables
2018-10-18  Radu Cotescutrivial: changed http links to https
2018-10-18  Radu CotescuSLING-8012 - Extract an HTL runtime bundle from the...
2018-10-05  Karl PaulsRemove the org-apache-sling-feature-extension-content...
2018-10-02  Karl PaulsAdd the org-apache-sling-feature-extension-content...
2018-09-20  Radu Cotescutrivial: added license header to *.md files
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7215 - [nice-to-have] Add a CONTRIBUTING file...
2018-09-19  Radu CotescuSLING-7216 - [nice-to-have] Add a CODE_OF_CONDUCT file...
2018-09-05  Robert MunteanuUpdate project list
2018-09-01  Oliver Lietzadd Clam project
2018-08-01  Dan KlcoUpdating based on the latest changes to the module...
2018-07-20  Robert MunteanuREADME: correct and simplify repo checkout instructions