2022-01-11  Dan KlcoSLING-11051 - Fixing JavaDoc badge master
2021-07-30  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - remove which is not needed
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add or update
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add or update
2021-07-28  Bertrand DelacretazSLING-10676 - add or update
2021-03-04  Stefan Bischoffix url to felix-dev
2020-08-24  Dan KlcoAdding sonarqube badges as per SLING-9682
2020-08-24  Radu CotescuUpdating badges for org-apache-sling-feature-inventoryp...
2020-06-17  Bertrand DelacretazAdding GitHub topics via .asf.yaml
2019-09-05  Simo Tripodi@releng added missing documentation
2019-07-02  Simo Tripodi[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-07-02  Simo Tripodi[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2019-07-02  Simo Tripodi@releng working towards next release
2019-06-27  Simone TripodiMerge pull request #2 from apache/r2f
2019-06-27  Simo Tripodi@releng r2f dependency updated to the promoted bundle r2f 2/head
2019-06-26  Simo Tripodi@releng updated parent to latest sling-bundle-parent
2019-06-20  Simo Tripodi[r2f] APIs Update
2019-06-19  Simo Tripodi@trivial format
2019-06-19  Simo Tripodi[r2f] InventoryPrinters implementation simplified via...
2019-06-19  Simo Tripodi[r2f] refactoring according to new [diff] and [r2f...
2019-06-19  Simo Tripodi[r2f] updated APIs usage due to r2f APIs update
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] uniforming naming conventions
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] InventoryPrinter.TITLE and InventoryPrinter.NAME...
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] InventoryPrinter.TITLE aligned with all Sling...
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] "artifacts" section renamed to "bundles" accordin...
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] fixed 'generator' field access
2019-06-18  Simo TripodiFixed the Service declaration via SCR annotations
2019-06-18  Simo TripodiDeclaring the Service via SCR annotation
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodi[r2f] reducing redundant code
2019-06-18  Simo Tripodistuff moved from the experiemntal
2019-04-26  David Bosschaert[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-04-26  David Bosschaert[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2019-04-26  David BosschaertAdd SCM info and revert back to 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
2019-04-26  David Bosschaert[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
2019-01-31  Radu CotescuUpdating badges for org-apache-sling-feature-inventoryp...
2019-01-29  Robert MunteanuSLING-7245 - Validate pull requests using Jenkins
2019-01-29  Robert MunteanuSLING-7245 - Validate pull requests using Jenkins
2018-11-15  David BosschaertChange label 'Launch Features' to 'Launch Feature'
2018-11-12  David BosschaertAdd README and other standard resources.
2018-11-09  David BosschaertClean up pom.xml
2018-11-08  David BosschaertInitial Features Inventory Printer.