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37 min ago  Xiao Li[SPARK-21164][SQL] Remove isTableSample from Sample... master
4 hours ago  Dilip Biswal[SPARK-20417][SQL] Move subquery error handling to...
4 hours ago  Ong Ming Yang[MINOR][DOCS] Docs in DataFrameNaFunctions.scala use...
4 hours ago  Tathagata Das[SPARK-21192][SS] Preserve State Store provider class...
4 hours ago  Dhruve Ashar[SPARK-21181] Release byteBuffers to suppress netty...
4 hours ago  wangzhenhua[SPARK-21180][SQL] Remove conf from stats functions...
5 hours ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-21149][R] Add job description API for R
5 hours ago  Takeshi Yamamuro[SPARK-21144][SQL] Print a warning if the data schema...
8 hours ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-21193][PYTHON] Specify Pandas version in
9 hours ago  10129659[SPARK-21115][CORE] If the cores left is less than...
9 hours ago  jinxing[SPARK-21047] Add test suites for complicated cases...
14 hours ago  Tathagata Das[SPARK-21145][SS] Added StateStoreProviderId with query...
20 hours ago  Wang Gengliang[SPARK-21174][SQL] Validate sampling fraction in logica...
21 hours ago  Thomas Graves[SPARK-20923] turn tracking of TaskMetrics._updatedBloc...
21 hours ago  Bryan Cutler[SPARK-13534][PYSPARK] Using Apache Arrow to increase...
25 hours ago  jinxing[SPARK-19937] Collect metrics for remote bytes read...
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