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2 hours ago  Reynold Xin[SPARK-26129][SQL] Instrumentation for per-query planni... master
2 hours ago  Drew Robb[SPARK-8288][SQL] ScalaReflection can use companion...
3 hours ago  Shahid[SPARK-26109][WEBUI] Duration in the task summary metri...
10 hours ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-25954][SS] Upgrade to Kafka 2.1.0
17 hours ago  Shixiong Zhu[SPARK-26120][TESTS][SS][SPARKR] Fix a streaming query...
17 hours ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-26122][SQL] Support encoding for multiLine in...
18 hours ago  Sean Owen[SPARK-26124][BUILD] Update plugins to latest versions
18 hours ago  Sean Owen[SPARK-26043][HOTFIX] Hotfix a change to SparkHadoopUti...
21 hours ago  shane knapp[BUILD] refactor dev/lint-python in to something readable
22 hours ago  Simeon Simeonov[SPARK-26084][SQL] Fixes unresolved AggregateExpression...
27 hours ago  “attilapiros”[SPARK-26118][WEB UI] Introducing spark.ui.requestHeade...
28 hours ago  Gengliang Wang[SPARK-26076][BUILD][MINOR] Revise ambiguous error...
28 hours ago  Yuming Wang[MINOR][YARN] Make memLimitExceededLogMessage more...
41 hours ago  Kris Mok[SPARK-26107][SQL] Extend ReplaceNullWithFalseInPredica...
45 hours ago  Sean OwenThis is a dummy commit to trigger ASF git sync
2 days ago  Sean Owen[SPARK-26090][CORE][SQL][ML] Resolve most miscellaneous...
3 weeks ago v2.4.0-rc5
3 weeks ago v2.4.0
4 weeks ago v2.4.0-rc4
6 weeks ago v2.4.0-rc3
7 weeks ago v2.4.0-rc2
2 months ago v2.3.2
2 months ago v2.3.2-rc6
2 months ago v2.4.0-rc1
3 months ago v2.3.2-rc5
3 months ago v2.3.2-rc4
4 months ago v2.3.2-rc3
4 months ago v2.3.2-rc2
4 months ago v2.3.2-rc1
4 months ago v2.2.2
4 months ago v2.2.2-rc2
4 months ago v2.1.3
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