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last changeThu, 30 Mar 2017 04:38:26 +0000 (21:38 -0700)
4 hours ago[MINOR][SPARKR] Add run command comment in examples master
4 hours ago  Eric Liang[SPARK-20148][SQL] Extend the file commit API to allow...
6 hours ago  Reynold Xin[SPARK-20136][SQL] Add num files and metadata operation...
6 hours ago  bomeng[SPARK-20146][SQL] fix comment missing issue for thrift...
8 hours ago  Takuya UESHIN[SPARK-19088][SQL] Fix 2.10 build.
10 hours ago  Yuming Wang[SPARK-20120][SQL] spark-sql support silent mode
13 hours ago  Xiao Li[SPARK-17075][SQL][FOLLOWUP] Add Estimation of Constant...
13 hours ago  Takeshi Yamamuro[SPARK-20009][SQL] Support DDL strings for defining...
13 hours ago  Kunal Khamar[SPARK-20048][SQL] Cloning SessionState does not clone...
14 hours ago  Holden Karau[SPARK-19955][PYSPARK] Jenkins Python Conda based test.
15 hours ago  jerryshao[SPARK-20059][YARN] Use the correct classloader for...
20 hours ago  Marcelo Vanzin[SPARK-19556][CORE] Do not encrypt block manager data...
25 hours ago  Reynold Xin[SPARK-20134][SQL] SQLMetrics.postDriverMetricUpdates...
30 hours ago  Bago Amirbekian[SPARK-20040][ML][PYTHON] pyspark wrapper for ChiSquareTest
33 hours ago  颜发才(Yan Facai)[SPARK-20043][ML] DecisionTreeModel: ImpurityCalculator...
37 hours ago  liujianhui[SPARK-19868] conflict TasksetManager lead to spark...
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