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47 min ago  Kazuaki Ishizaki[SPARK-24499][SQL][DOC][FOLLOW-UP] Fix spelling in doc master
5 hours ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-25795][R][EXAMPLE] Fix CSV SparkR SQL Example
10 hours ago  Liang-Chi Hsieh[SPARK-25627][TEST] Reduce test time for ContinuousStre...
11 hours ago  Shixiong Zhu[SPARK-25771][PYSPARK] Fix improper synchronization...
15 hours ago  liuxian[SPARK-25753][CORE] fix reading small files via BinaryF...
33 hours ago  Huaxin Gao[SPARK-24207][R] add R API for PrefixSpan
34 hours ago  shivusondur[SPARK-25675][SPARK JOB HISTORY] Job UI page does not...
34 hours ago  Mike Kaplinskiy[SPARK-25730][K8S] Delete executor pods from kubernetes...
47 hours ago  Zhu, Lipeng[SPARK-25757][BUILD] Upgrade netty-all from 4.1.17...
2 days ago  Wenchen FanRevert "[SPARK-25758][ML] Deprecate computeCost on...
2 days ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-25779][SQL][TESTS] Remove SQL query tests for...
2 days ago  Wenchen Fan[SPARK-25747][SQL] remove ColumnarBatchScan.needsUnsafe...
2 days ago  Yuming Wang[SPARK-25492][TEST] Refactor WideSchemaBenchmark to...
2 days ago  hyukjinkwon[HOTFIX] Fix PySpark pip packaging tests by non-ascii...
2 days ago  WeichenXu[DOC][MINOR] Fix minor error in the code of graphx...
2 days ago  Dongjoon Hyun[MINOR][DOC] Update the building doc to use Maven 3...
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