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last changeSun, 27 May 2018 03:42:23 +0000 (20:42 -0700)
8 hours ago  Miles Yucht[SPARK-24381][TESTING] Add unit tests for NOT IN subque... master
23 hours ago  Yuming Wang[SPARK-19112][CORE][FOLLOW-UP] Add missing shortCompres...
37 hours ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-24366][SQL] Improving of error messages for...
40 hours ago  Marco Gaido[MINOR] Add port SSL config in toString and scaladoc
2 days ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-24244][SPARK-24368][SQL] Passing only required...
2 days ago  Gengliang Wang[SPARK-24367][SQL] Parquet: use JOB_SUMMARY_LEVEL inste...
2 days ago  Jose Torres[SPARK-24234][SS] Support multiple row writers in conti...
2 days ago  Shixiong Zhu[SPARK-24332][SS][MESOS] Fix places reading 'spark...
2 days ago  Yuming Wang[SPARK-24378][SQL] Fix date_trunc function incorrect...
2 days ago  Maxim Gekk[SPARK-24329][SQL] Test for skipping multi-space lines
2 days ago  Ryan Blue[SPARK-24230][SQL] Fix SpecificParquetRecordReaderBase...
3 days ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-22269][BUILD] Run Java linter via SBT for Jenkins
3 days ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-24364][SS] Prevent InMemoryFileIndex from failin...
3 days ago  Xingbo Jiang[MINOR][CORE] Cleanup unused vals in `DAGScheduler...
3 days ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-24322][BUILD] Upgrade Apache ORC to 1.4.4
3 days ago  sychen[SPARK-24257][SQL] LongToUnsafeRowMap calculate the...
4 days ago v2.3.1-rc2
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3 months ago v2.3.0
3 months ago v2.3.0-rc4
3 months ago v2.3.0-rc3
4 months ago v2.3.0-rc2
4 months ago v2.3.0-rc1
6 months ago v2.2.1
6 months ago v2.2.1-rc2
6 months ago v2.2.1-rc1
7 months ago v2.1.2
7 months ago v2.1.2-rc4
7 months ago v2.1.2-rc3
8 months ago v2.1.2-rc2
8 months ago v2.1.2-rc1
10 months ago v2.2.0
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