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last changeFri, 23 Feb 2018 09:25:56 +0000 (04:25 -0500)
2018-02-23  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3288: Changing OracleManager to use CURRENT_TIMES... trunk
2018-02-22  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3267: Incremental import to HBase deletes only...
2018-02-14  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3283: Fixing MySQL 3rd party test hanging issue...
2018-02-14  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-2976: Flag to expand decimal values to fit AVRO...
2018-01-18  Anna SzonyiSQOOP-3273: Removing com.cloudera.sqoop packages
2018-01-08  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3275: HBase test cases should start mini DFS...
2018-01-05  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3255: Sqoop ignores metastore properties defined...
2018-01-05  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3241: ImportAllTablesTool uses the same SqoopOpti...
2017-12-19  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3268: Remove duplicates and issues with incorrect...
2017-12-19  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3249: Add SQOOP-3248 related data into CHANGELOG.txt
2017-12-19  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3246: Update 1.4.7 change log entries + updated...
2017-12-19  Attila SzaboSQOOP-3269: Update last prev.git.hash property in build.xml
2017-12-15  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3153: Sqoop export with --as-<spec_file_format...
2017-12-14  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3266: Update 3rd party and manual test running...
2017-12-08  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3233: SqoopHCatImportHelper.convertNumberTypes...
2017-11-29  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3257: Sqoop must not log database passwords
3 months ago release-1.4.7-rc0
20 months ago release-1.99.7-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.7-rc1 release
20 months ago release-1.99.7-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.7-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.99.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc2 release
2 years ago release-1.4.6-rc3 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc3 release
2 years ago release-1.4.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc2 release
2 years ago release-1.99.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc1 release
2 years ago release-1.4.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc1 release
2 years ago release-1.99.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.4.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc2 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.99.4-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.99.4-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc0 release
3 years ago sqoop2-SQOOP-1367-pre Pre FROM/TO refactoring
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