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last changeWed, 12 Sep 2018 07:00:02 +0000 (14:00 +0700)
9 days ago  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3383: Disable FileSystem static cache in S3 tests trunk
9 days ago  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3380: parquet-configurator-implementation is...
2018-09-03  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3375: HiveMiniCluster does not restore hive-site...
2018-08-31  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3373: Document simple and incremental import...
2018-08-31  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3368: Add fail-fast scenarios to S3 incremental...
2018-08-28  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3367: Improve third party tests to be able to...
2018-08-28  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3363: Test incremental import with S3
2018-08-27  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3371: Fix tests using HiveMiniCluster
2018-08-24  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3366: Improve unit tests to be able to execute...
2018-08-23  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3224: Mainframe FTP transfer should have an optio...
2018-08-22  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3364: Upgrade Gradle version to 4.9
2018-08-16  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3362: Fix toString() methods of OraOopOracleDataChunk
2018-08-10  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3359: Add LOG message for git hash
2018-08-10  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3348: Add hadoop-aws dependency and S3 credential...
2018-08-10  Boglarka EgyedSQOOP-3360: Fix hive-exec dependency issues in Gradle
2018-08-09  Szabolcs VasasSQOOP-3357: Change MainframeImportTool to refer to...
9 months ago release-1.4.7-rc0
2 years ago release-1.99.7-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.7-rc1 release
2 years ago release-1.99.7-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.7-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.99.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc2 release
3 years ago release-1.4.6-rc3 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc3 release
3 years ago release-1.4.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc2 release
3 years ago release-1.99.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.4.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.99.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.4.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc2 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.99.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc0 release
3 years ago release-1.99.4-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc1 release
3 years ago release-1.99.4-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc0 release
3 years ago sqoop2-SQOOP-1367-pre Pre FROM/TO refactoring
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