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39 hours ago Gwen ShapiraSQOOP-2263: Sqoop1 has some files without a copyright... trunk
2 days ago Gwen ShapiraSQOOP-2259: Update change log with 1.4.6 release (2nd)
2 days ago Gwen ShapiraSQOOP-2254: Failed to build release notes
2 days ago Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2257: Parquet target for imports with Hive overwr...
4 days ago Gwen ShapiraSQOOP-2177: Update build file and docs with new version
9 days ago Gwen ShapiraSQOOP-2176: Update change log with 1.4.6 release
13 days ago Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2191: Provide an option automatically choose...
2015-03-11 Abraham ElmahrekSQOOP-2164: Enhance the Netezza Connector for Sqoop
2015-03-05 Abraham ElmahrekSQOOP-2170: MySQL specific tests are not properly clean...
2015-02-28 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2145: Default Hive home is not being set properly...
2015-02-28 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2149: Update Kite dependency to 1.0.0
2015-02-26 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2137: Sqoop tests and documentation refer to...
2015-02-26 Venkat RanganathanSQOOP-2136: Test case SqlServerUpsertOutputFormatTest...
2015-02-26 Abraham ElmahrekSQOOP-2132: Remove test TestMainframeImportTool.testPri...
2015-02-26 Abraham ElmahrekSQOOP-2132: Sqoop2: Upgrade configs with name conflicts
2015-02-25 Abraham ElmahrekSQOOP-2130: BaseSqoopTestCase should use manager.escape...
5 weeks ago release-1.99.5-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc2 release
5 weeks ago release-1.99.5-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc1 release
6 weeks ago release-1.99.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc0 release
4 months ago release-1.99.4-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc1 release
4 months ago release-1.99.4-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc0 release
5 months ago sqoop2-SQOOP-1367-pre Pre FROM/TO refactoring
7 months ago release-1.4.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.5-rc0 release
17 months ago release-1.99.3-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.3-rc0 release
20 months ago release-1.4.4-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.4-rc0 release
23 months ago release-1.99.2-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.2-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.4.3-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.3-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.99.1-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.1-rc1 release
2 years ago release-1.99.1-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.1-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.4.2-rc1 release-1.4.2-rc1
2 years ago release-1.4.2-rc0 release-1.4.2-rc0
2 years ago release-1.4.0-rc1 release-1.4.0-rc1
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