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last changeTue, 10 Nov 2015 05:55:25 +0000 (21:55 -0800)
2015-11-10 Hari ShreedharanSQOOP-2651. Do not dump data on error in TextExportMapp... trunk
2015-10-15 Hari ShreedharanSQOOP-2617. Log file that is being used for LOB files
2015-10-09 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2607: Direct import from Netezza and encoding
2015-10-06 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-1281: Support of glob paths during export
2015-10-01 Hari ShreedharanSQOOP-2597. Missing method AvroSchemaGenerator.generate()
2015-09-28 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2387: Sqoop should support importing from table...
2015-09-24 Hari ShreedharanSQOOP-2582. Query import won't work for parquet
2015-09-18 Venkat RanganathanSQOOP-2399: BigDecimalSplitter java.lang.ArrayIndexOutO...
2015-09-15 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-1369: Avro export ignores --columns option
2015-09-01 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2535: Add error handling to HiveConf
2015-08-28 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2531: readlink -f not supported on OS X
2015-08-14 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2470: Incremental Hive import with append not...
2015-08-08 Venkat RanganathanSQOOP-2333: Sqoop to support Custom options for User...
2015-08-05 Richard ZhouSQOOP-2454: Drop JDK6 support
2015-07-29 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-2437: Use hive configuration to connect to secure...
2015-07-24 Jarek Jarcec... SQOOP-1094: Add Avro support to merge tool
7 months ago release-1.99.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc2 release
7 months ago release-1.4.6-rc3 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc3 release
7 months ago release-1.4.6-rc2 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc2 release
7 months ago release-1.99.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc1 release
7 months ago release-1.4.6-rc1 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc1 release
7 months ago release-1.99.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.6-rc0 release
8 months ago release-1.4.6-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.6-rc0 release
9 months ago release-1.99.5-rc2 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc2 release
9 months ago release-1.99.5-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc1 release
9 months ago release-1.99.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.5-rc0 release
12 months ago release-1.99.4-rc1 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc1 release
12 months ago release-1.99.4-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.4-rc0 release
13 months ago sqoop2-SQOOP-1367-pre Pre FROM/TO refactoring
16 months ago release-1.4.5-rc0 Sqoop 1.4.5-rc0 release
2 years ago release-1.99.3-rc0 Sqoop 1.99.3-rc0 release
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