SQOOP-319. Support for replacing Hive delimiters.
[sqoop.git] / src / java / com / cloudera / sqoop / SqoopOptions.java
2011-08-25  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-319. Support for replacing Hive delimiters.
2011-08-19  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-314. Support for batch insert.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-172. Allow passing of connection parameters.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-207. Support import as Avro Data Files.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-225. Checkstyle module for detecting trailing...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-212. Hive import for existing table does not...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-201. Support for arbitrary compression codec.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-100. Sqoop to support populating Hive table parti...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-129. Newlines in RDBMS fields break Hive
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-178. Support for tool plugins.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-140. Control max. number of fetched records.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-124. Improve error handling during export.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-139. Doc update for SQOOP-125 changes.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-12. Alternate NULL formats.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-125. Allow user to specify database type.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-90. Tool to merge datasets imported via increment...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-81. Creation of /tmp/sqoop/compile is not multi...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-77. Rename saved sessions to saved jobs.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-72. sqoop-eval should use PreparedStatement.execu...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-40. SqoopOptions should use annotations to bind...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-59. 'sqoop eval' should support DDL/DML operations.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-45. If compilation dir is unspecified, use a...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-41. Add support for incremental imports.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-39. (SIP-6) Session Management API.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-14. Allow Sqoop to import data into HBase.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-4. Add update-mode export process.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-3. Add ability to import arbitrary queries.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerAppend mode import and target-dir output
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSIP-4. Refactor classes for public API 1.0.0.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerMove org.apache.hadoop.sqoop to com.cloudera.sqoop