2011-08-25  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-319. Support for replacing Hive delimiters.
2011-08-23  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-318. Support splittable LZO files with Hive.
2011-08-21  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-320. Use Information Schema for SQLServer.
2011-08-19  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-314. Support for batch insert.
2011-08-19  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-317. Allow working with tables owned by other...
2011-08-17  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-316. Added troubleshooting section to user guide.
2011-08-16  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-309. Update Sqoop dependency versions.
2011-08-15  Olivier LamySQOOP-315 updgrade avro to 1.5.2
2011-08-15  Olivier Lamyignore target directory
2011-08-15  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-315. Updated Avro version to 1.5.2.
2011-08-10  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-305. Support export from Avro Data Files.
2011-08-09  Olivier LamySQOOP-310 Review license headers
2011-08-09  Olivier Lamyignore idea files
2011-08-05  Jonathan HsiehSQOOP-303/150. Use catalog views for PostgressqlManager...
2011-08-05  Aaron KimballSQOOP-308. Generated Avro Schema cannot handle nullable...
2011-08-03  Olivier Lamyfix hbase tests
2011-08-03  Olivier Lamymark thoses classes as abstract are they are not intend...
2011-08-03  Olivier Lamysetup hive.home sysprops for running tests
2011-08-03  Olivier Lamyfix slf4j versions for test to not be dependant about...
2011-08-03  Olivier Lamyexclude/include some tests in various profiles : oracle...
2011-08-02  Olivier Lamyconfigure surefire plugin to avoid creating temp file...
2011-08-02  Olivier Lamystart working on a maven build : some tests failed...
2011-08-01  Olivier Lamyignore idea files
2011-07-28  Arvind PrabhakarAdded DISCLAIMER.txt, some svn:ignore entries and remov...
2011-07-23  Arvind PrabhakarSQOOP-149. Use catalog views for MySQLManager.
2011-07-23  Arvind PrabhakarAdding svn:ignore properties.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-172. Allow passing of connection parameters.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-231. Typo in sqoop-import man page.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-221. Sqoop Export fails for SQLServer 2005.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerIncrement version and prev.git.hash after branching...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-207. Support import as Avro Data Files.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-225. Checkstyle module for detecting trailing...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-91. Empty "columns" clause leads to null pointer...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-224. Table name issue with PostgreSQL.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-212. Hive import for existing table does not...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-67. NPE when column name list contains spaces
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-219. Duplicate columns arguments results in code...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-48: Import bug when splitting over unsigned bigin...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-215. Support for codec aliases.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-195. Documentation tip on specifying MR job name.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-158. Additional methods for generated classes.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-201. Support for arbitrary compression codec.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-206. HBase import to use plugin InputFormat.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-202. sqoop-metastore should be able to handle...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-204. Allow connector specific bounds query.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-205. Add getJob() to JobBase
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-100. Sqoop to support populating Hive table parti...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-193. Update Docs to describe --hive-drop-import...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-118. Sqoop should work without HBase where possible.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-129. Newlines in RDBMS fields break Hive
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-191. Supplying programmatic configuration.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-192. Limit HSQLDB export to single inserts.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-187. Allow skipping end-of-record delimiter.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-170. Capturing causal exception for logging.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-185. Tool plugins should not reuse names.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-183. File rename fails for generated files.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-179. Adding setField() method to SqoopRecord
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-178. Support for tool plugins.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-180. Classpath construction in script.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-181. Improve formatting of help messages.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-166. Postgresql identifiers should be quoted
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-168. NPE due to null binary columns.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-165. Improved log message for unknown types.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-162. Changes for vendor-specific subclasses.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-153. Enable tests against real cluster.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-152. Support for test against cluster.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-140. Control max. number of fetched records.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-164. Allow unit tests to use external dbs.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-154. Fix connection leak in OracleManager.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-159. Fixing HBase test failures.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerIncrement version number and prev.git.hash after branch...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-148. Use catalog views for OracleManager.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-142. Document requirements for direct import
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-111. Documentation fix.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-143. Simplify test configuration.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-124. Improve error handling during export.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-139. Doc update for SQOOP-125 changes.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-141. BlobRef accessor returns incorrect data.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-126. Support for loading options from file.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-138. Fixing intermittent IVY failure.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-101. Sqoop build to use IVY for dependencies.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-12. Alternate NULL formats.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-135. Update documentation for query imports.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-133. Removing shim layer mechanism.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-125. Allow user to specify database type.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-131. Hive import using free form query.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-128. Allow custom export writers to cleanup.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-114. Fix for NPE.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-37. Escape table and column names for Hive.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-119. TextSplitter creates incorrect bounds.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-97. Remove mysql-connector-j from Sqoop.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-108. Automatically obtain HBase and ZK deps.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-110. Allow empty strings to represent NULL.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-99. CDH3Shim mapped to Hadoop 0.20.3.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerIncrement version number and prev.git.hash after branch...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-62. Fix failing Oracle compatibility tests.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-94. COMPILING.txt does not mention all dependencies.
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-90. Tool to merge datasets imported via increment...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-89. Support multiple output files in ManagerCompa...
2011-07-22  Andrew BayerSQOOP-88. Parameterize pre-table-import validity checks...