descriptionApache Struts
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13 days ago  Lukasz LenartDefines an action to show how number conversion works master
13 days ago  Lukasz LenartUpdates DTD to 2.5
13 days ago  Lukasz LenartDisplays selected object
13 days ago  Lukasz LenartSwitches to Log4j2 and uses more convenient name for...
13 days ago  Lukasz LenartUses Log4j2
2017-05-01  Stefaan Dutryremoved extra space
2017-05-01  Stefaan Dutryunified formatting
2017-04-30  Stefaan Dutryremoved blank lines
2017-04-25  Stefaan Dutryremoved manifest file
2017-04-25  Stefaan Dutrychanged to html5
2017-04-25  Stefaan Dutrychanged encoding to UTF-8
2017-04-25  Stefaan Dutryadded formatting to jsp files
2017-04-25  Stefaan Dutrychanged formatting of java classes
2017-04-23  Stefaan Dutrychanged deprecated artifactId to project.artifactId
2017-04-23  Stefaan Dutryremoved sessionid from url
2017-04-23  Stefaan Dutryadded indentation to jsp files
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