descriptionApache Tajo
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 8 Dec 2017 02:10:35 +0000 (11:10 +0900)
2017-12-08  Jongyoung Parkmissed CHANGES modification branch-0.12.0 master
2017-12-06  Jongyoung Park[TAJO-2159] Function document should be modified as...
2017-12-04  Hyunsik ChoiAdd missing changes in CHANGES
2017-12-04  Lee DongjinTAJO-2184: Can not run Tajo with non-default $TAJO_CONF_DIR
2017-12-04  Hyunsik Choi[TAJO-2185] Eliminate protoc binary dependency
2016-08-29  JaeHwa JungTAJO-2069: Implement finding the total size of all...
2016-08-29  Jinho KimTAJO-2179: Add a regular expression scanner and appender.
2016-08-29  Lee DongjinTAJO-2180: Disable unsetting timezone property in HiveC...
2016-08-29  Byunghwa YunTAJO-1488: Implement KafkaTablespace.
2016-08-28  Byunghwa YunTAJO-1487: Kafka Scanner for kafka strage.
2016-08-28  Lee DongjinTAJO-2174: Implement HiveCatalogStore#alterTable.
2016-08-28  Lee DongjinTAJO-2170: Disable unsetting timezone property.
2016-08-28  Byunghwa YunTAJO-1480: Kafka Consumer for kafka strage.
2016-07-20  Lee DongjinTAJO-2166: Disallow csv file format in DDL Languages.
2016-07-19  Jihoon SonTAJO-2177: In BroadcastJoinRule, the total volume of...
2016-07-16  Jongyoung ParkTAJO-2176: Refining function documents.
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2 years ago release-0.11.0-rc0 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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