descriptionApache Tapestry 5
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 4 Mar 2015 14:58:58 +0000 (15:58 +0100)
12 min ago Jochen KemnadeUse a different method so the test succeeds in Java 8 master
23 min ago Jochen Kemnadeupdate TestNG and EasyMock
33 min ago Jochen KemnadeThis has been obsolete for several years now
40 min ago Jochen Kemnadeupdate Spock to 1.0, remove first-level dependency...
2 days ago Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Selenium to 2.45.0
7 days ago Jochen Kemnadeupdate CoffeeScript compiler for Tapestry's own modules...
7 days ago Michael MikhulyaTAP5-2446: Use ObjectCreator instead of PerThreadValue...
11 days ago Jochen KemnadeTAP5-1923: Ignore the quickstart project for the test...
12 days ago Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2451: create a combined report of all subprojects
12 days ago Jochen KemnadeTAP5-1923: fix task dependency
12 days ago Jochen KemnadeTAP5-1923: have Jenkins generate JaCoCo test reports
12 days ago Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2455: if a job doesn't have a valid next execution...
13 days ago Jochen Kemnadetry to work around
13 days ago Jochen Kemnaderemove obsolete version entry for wro4j
13 days ago Jochen Kemnadeupdate geb and rhino
13 days ago Jochen Kemnadeupdate wro4j-extensions, manually override coffee-scrip...
2 weeks ago 5.4-beta-28
4 weeks ago 5.4-beta-27
8 weeks ago 5.4-beta-26
2 months ago 5.4-beta-25
2 months ago 5.4-beta-24
2 months ago 5.4.beta-24
3 months ago 5.4-beta-23
3 months ago 5.3.8
5 months ago 5.4-beta-22
5 months ago 5.4-beta-21
5 months ago 5.4-beta-20
5 months ago 5.4-beta-19
6 months ago 5.4-beta-18
6 months ago 5.4-beta-17
6 months ago 5.4-beta-16
7 months ago 5.4-beta-15
12 min ago master
2 months ago beanmodel-split
2 months ago 5.3
2 years ago 5.4-js-rewrite
3 years ago maint-5-2
4 years ago 5.1.0.x-dev
4 years ago 5.0
6 years ago hlship-5.0-perf
6 years ago 5.1-dev
6 years ago hlship-20080520
7 years ago hlship-20070503