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last changeWed, 18 Jan 2017 06:41:31 +0000 (22:41 -0800)
5 hours ago  Ming MaTEZ-3458. Auto grouping for cartesian product edge... master
2 days ago  Siddharth SethTEZ-3574. Container reuse won't pickup extra dag level...
2 days ago  Siddharth SethTEZ-3443. Remove a repeated/unused method from MRTask...
8 days ago  Rajesh BalamohanTEZ-3551: FrameworkClient created twice causing minor...
8 days ago  Siddharth SethTEZ-3566. Avoid caching fs isntances in TokenCache...
8 days ago  Siddharth SethTEZ-3568. Update SecurityUtils configuration to pick...
8 days ago  Sreenath SomarajapuramTEZ-3504. Tez UI: Duration is displaying invalid values...
8 days ago  Sreenath SomarajapuramTEZ-3570. Tez UI: Wait for sometime before tooltips...
9 days ago  Siddharth SethTEZ-3561. Fix wrong tez tarball name in
2017-01-04  Sreenath SomarajapuramTEZ-3555. Tez UI: Build is failing in RHEL6 (sree)
2016-12-20  Rajesh BalamohanTEZ-3565: amConfig should check queuename isEmpty ...
2016-12-15  Jonathan EaglesTEZ-3559. TEZ_LIB_URIS doesn't work with schemes differ...
2016-12-14  Rajesh BalamohanTEZ-3558. CartesianProduct is missing from the ExampleD...
2016-12-08  Jonathan EaglesTEZ-3549. TaskAttemptImpl does not initialize TEZ_TASK_...
2016-12-08  Ming MaTEZ-3552. Shuffle split array when size-based sorting...
2016-12-07  Jonathan EaglesTEZ-3537. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with empty...
6 months ago rel/release-0.8.4 Apache Tez 0.8.4
6 months ago release-0.8.4-rc1 Tez 0.8.4 RC1
6 months ago release-0.8.4-rc0 Tez 0.8.4 RC0
8 months ago rel/release-0.7.1 Tez 0.7.1
8 months ago release-0.7.1-rc2 Tez 0.7.1 RC2
8 months ago release-0.7.1-rc1 Tez 0.7.1 RC1
9 months ago rel/release-0.8.3 Tez 0.8.3
9 months ago release-0.8.3-rc1 Tez-0.8.3 RC1
9 months ago release-0.8.3-rc0 Tez 0.8.3 RC0
11 months ago rel/release-0.8.2 Tez-0.8.2
11 months ago release-0.7.1-rc0 Tez 0.7.1 RC0
12 months ago release-0.8.2-rc0 Tez-0.8.2 RC0
15 months ago release-0.8.1-alpha Tez 0.8.1-alpha
15 months ago release-0.8.1-alpha-rc0 Tez 0.8.1-alpha RC0
16 months ago release-0.8.0-alpha Tez-0.8.0-alpha
16 months ago release-0.8.0-alpha-rc1 Tez 0.8.0-alpha RC1
5 hours ago master
2 days ago branch-0.8
4 weeks ago TEZ-3334
4 weeks ago branch-0.7
6 weeks ago TEZ-1190
8 months ago branch-0.7.1
10 months ago TEZ-2980
14 months ago TEZ-2592
14 months ago branch-0.6
15 months ago branch-0.5
16 months ago TEZ-2003
17 months ago branch-0.6.2
18 months ago branch-0.5.4
20 months ago branch-0.4
20 months ago branch-0.6.1
20 months ago branch-0.7.0

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