descriptionApache TomEE
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 21 Jun 2018 10:41:34 +0000 (12:41 +0200)
101 min ago  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2197 handle ambiguous Deployment section master
40 hours ago  Mark Struberguse the same version for all modules
40 hours ago  Mark Strubergmove samples to the same version as our main project
41 hours ago  Mark Strubergadd testng runner files for tests which are under devel...
41 hours ago  Mark Strubergadding netbeans IDE info to gitignore
2 days ago  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2196 fix keyStoreFile property
2 days ago  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2195 fix OSX compile issue in AnnotationDeployer
2 days ago  Mark Strubergtweak ManagedScheduledExecutorServiceTest timing
2 days ago  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2139 whoops, elmiminate endless loop
3 days ago  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2139 fix stochastically behaving test
3 days ago  Mark Strubergclean up openjpa versions
4 days ago  Mark Strubergupgrade to OpenJPA-2.4.3 release
9 days ago  Jonathan GallimoreDon't write this archive to disk
2018-05-08  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2153 upgrade to final released Apache Johnzon...
2018-05-05  Mark StrubergTOMEE-2191 updgrade to OWB-1.7.5
2018-05-04  Mark Strubergupgrade to johnzon-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT for running the TCK
7 months ago tomee-1.7.5 TomEE 1.7.5 TAG
8 months ago tomee-7.0.4
15 months ago tomee-7.0.3
19 months ago tomee-7.0.2
23 months ago tomee-7.0.1 Tagging 7.0.1
2 years ago tomee-7.0.0 tagging 7.0.0
2 years ago tomee-1.7.4
2 years ago tomee-7.0.0-M3
2 years ago tomee-7.0.0-M2 7.0.0-M2 release
2 years ago tomee-1.7.3
2 years ago tomee-7.0.0-M1 Tag branch
3 years ago tomee-1.7.2
3 years ago openejb-4.7.2 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago tomee-1.7.1 tomee-1.7.1
3 years ago tomee-1.7.0 tomee-1.7.0
4 years ago tomee- tomee-
101 min ago master
2 days ago fb_tomee8
6 weeks ago tomee-1.7.x
7 weeks ago tomee-7.1.x
8 months ago tomee-7.0.4-prepare
22 months ago TOMEE-1887-cipher-command-hidden
2 years ago tomee-7.0.0-M1
2 years ago tomee-1.7.3-prepare
3 years ago release-tomee-1.7.2
3 years ago fb_tomee2_owb16
3 years ago develop
3 years ago old-release-tomee-1.7.2
3 years ago tomee-1.7.1
3 years ago tomee-1.7.0
4 years ago tomee-
4 years ago tomee-