descriptionApache TrafficServer
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 24 Apr 2014 17:43:45 +0000
6 hours ago Phil SorberTS-2736: Add config option to set the max open files... master
27 hours ago James PeachTS-2741: add a new server intercept example plugin
27 hours ago Dimitry AndricTS-2616: Sanitize duplicate Transfer-Encoding: chunked...
30 hours ago Igor GalićTS-645: remove StopTrafficServer() and StartTrafficServ...
30 hours ago Igor GalićTS-645: remove references to StartTrafficServer() and...
30 hours ago Igor GalićTS-645: remove calls in which hard restart is used
31 hours ago Tomasz KuzemkoTS-2562: improve init script support for Debian/Ubuntu
2 days ago James PeachFix ink_freelist_new allocation size for --disable...
3 days ago James PeachImprove the is_response_cacheable debug message
3 days ago Phil SorberTS-2735: Use INK_ALIGN macro to make things clear
3 days ago Phil SorberTS-2735: Align all memory during freelist allocations
4 days ago Leif HedstromTS-2732 Run the code through indent, to follow our...
4 days ago Kit ChanTS-2120 remove stale_while_revalidate_plugin
6 days ago Phil SorberTS-2732: Update CHANGES file with appropriate authorshi...
6 days ago Phil SorberTS-2732: Add url_sig plugin
6 days ago James PeachRevert "TS-1125: POST's with Expect: 100-continue are...
3 days ago 4.2.1-rc1 Release Candidate 4.2.1-rc1
12 days ago 4.2.1-rc0 Release Candidate 4.2.1-rc0
5 weeks ago 4.2.0 Release 4.2.0
6 weeks ago 4.2.0-rc1 Release Candidate 4.2.0-rc1
2 months ago 4.2.0-rc0 Release Candidate 4.2.0-rc0
3 months ago 4.1.2 Tag 4.1.2-rc0 as 4.1.2
4 months ago 4.1.2-rc0 Release Candidate 4.1.2-rc0
5 months ago 4.1.1 tag 4.1.1
5 months ago 4.1.0 t&r 4.1.0
6 months ago 4.0.2 Release v4.0.2
7 months ago 4.0.1 Release v4.0.1
8 months ago 4.0.0 Release v4.0.0
8 months ago 3.3.5 v3.3.5 release
9 months ago 3.2.5 release 3.2.5
10 months ago 3.3.4 Release v3.3.4.
10 months ago 3.3.3 Release v3.3.3.
6 hours ago master
3 days ago 4.2.x
8 days ago 5.0.x
4 weeks ago lua_config
6 weeks ago 4.1.x
2 months ago refine_cluster
2 months ago 3.2.x
3 months ago TS-645
3 months ago test/TS-1570-parse_url-port-fail
3 months ago TS-645-hard-restart
6 months ago 4.0.x
8 months ago consistent-errors
8 months ago 3.3.x
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19 months ago 3.0.x
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