descriptionApache Trafodion
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 18 Oct 2018 22:11:10 +0000 (22:11 +0000)
3 days ago  Dave BirdsallMerge [TRAFODION-3223] PR 1730 Don't count deletes... master
3 days ago  Steve VarnauMerge [TRAFODION-2626] Make logs directory configurable
3 days ago  Dave BirdsallMerge [TRAFODION-3222] PR 1727 Fix Windows ODBC build...
3 days ago  Dave BirdsallMerge PR 1729, fixes spelling in some comments
4 days ago  Steve Varnau[TRAFODION-2626] UDR fix
4 days ago  Dave Birdsall[TRAFODION-3223] Don't scale down for non-Puts when...
5 days ago  Weixin-Xuupdate copyright year in windows odbc to 2018
5 days ago  Weixin-Xuupdate windows odbc and odb version to 2.3
5 days ago  Steve Varnau[TRAFODION-2626] Make logs directory location configurable
5 days ago  Dave BirdsallMerge [TRAFODION-3221] PR 1725 Support ipv6 in JDBC...
5 days ago  Hans ZellerMerge [TRAFODION-3220] Executor GUI PR-1724
6 days ago  Weixin-XuWindows odbc build fail with missing header file and...
11 days ago[TRAFODION-3221]support using ipv6 with jdbct4 to conne...
13 days ago  Hans Zeller[TRAFODION-3220] Executor GUI
2018-10-02  Dave BirdsallMerge [TRAFODION-3215] PR 1719 Length of 0 returned...
2018-09-29  Roberta MartonMerge TRAFODION-3194 pr 1720 fix update
8 weeks ago 2.3.0rc1 Creating rc1 for release2.3
7 months ago rel/2.2.0 Release 2.2.0 Final
7 months ago 2.2.0rc3 RC3 tag created for Apache Trafodio...
9 months ago 2.2.0rc2 create RC2 for Apache Trafodion...
12 months ago 2.2.0rc1 create the RC1 for Apache Trafodion...
17 months ago rel/2.1.0 Release 2.1.0 Final
18 months ago 2.1.0rc3 RC3 tag for release 2.1
18 months ago 2.1.0rc2 RC2 for Release2.1
19 months ago 2.1.0rc1 Release Cadidate 1 tag for Trafodio...
2 years ago rel/2.0.1 Release 2.0.1 Final
2 years ago 2.0.1rc3 Added DISCLAIMER file to server...
2 years ago 2.0.1rc2 Release candidate #2 fixing licensi...
2 years ago 2.0.1rc1 Release Candidate 1
2 years ago rel/2.0.0 Release 2.0.0 Final
2 years ago 2.0.0rc3 Release Candidate 3
2 years ago 2.0.0rc2 Release Candidate 2
3 days ago master
3 days ago release2.3
4 months ago default
8 months ago release2.2
16 months ago release2.1
21 months ago release2.0
2 years ago rel2.0.1
2 years ago release1.3
3 years ago stable/1.1
3 years ago stable/1.0