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last changeThu, 17 Aug 2017 05:30:34 +0000 (22:30 -0700)
4 days ago  Mike Dunkeradd a little more wait time master
4 days ago  Mike Dunkerchange test collection names so no race condition conflicts
4 days ago  Mike Dunkerincrease test cassandra.timeout settings
2017-06-19  Mike DunkerFix precondition
2017-06-19  Michael RussoMerge commit 'refs/pull/573/head' of
2017-06-19  Michael RussoRemove unused import.
2017-06-19  Mike Dunker1. Remove messages from dead letter queue if the messag...
2017-06-19  Michael RussoFix precondition checks and add another try/catch aroun... token-service-to-dstax
2017-06-19  Michael RussoAdd try/catch around fetching and casting of token...
2017-06-18  Michael RussoFix issue where tokenInfo was not being updated with...
2017-06-18  Michael RussoFinish convert token service persistence to Datastax...
2017-06-16  Michael RussoInitial commit of new token module to replace Hector...
2017-06-14  Mike Dunkerdead letter queue handling
2017-05-17  Michael RussoAllow name and any property set with aliasProperty...
2017-04-26  Michael RussoAdd a new Asset binary provider for Google Cloud Storag...
2017-04-06  Michael RussoAdd new push notification test and remove duplicate...
18 months ago usergrid-2.1.0 usergrid-2.1.0 release.
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23 months ago 2.1-release
2 years ago 1.0.2
2 years ago usergrid-1.0.2 Retroactively tagging version 1.0.2
2 years ago 2.1.working
2 years ago 20150608-sso-fixes
2 years ago 20150515-jclouds-fix
2 years ago 20150512-sso-conn-pool
2 years ago 20150505-dedicated-sso
2 years ago 2015-04-29-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-28-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-21-ssofix
2 years ago 2015-04-20-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-17-04-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-16-burberry-fix
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11 days ago hotfix-20170728
7 weeks ago expose-reindex
2 months ago token-service-to-dstax
2 months ago hotfix-20160819
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8 months ago remove-qakka-web
9 months ago usergrid-1318-queue
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