descriptionApache Usergrid
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 17 Nov 2017 05:09:14 +0000 (21:09 -0800)
7 days ago  Peter JohnsonFix an error in UserResourceIT unit test master
7 days ago  Peter Johnsonadd "replace_all" to POST settings to allow merging...
10 days ago  Mike DunkerMerge commit 'refs/pull/586/head' of
10 days ago  Peter JohnsonAdd option to include old version in result
11 days ago  Mike DunkerMerge commit 'refs/pull/584/head' of
11 days ago  Peter JohnsonAdd option to include old version in result
2017-11-02  Peter JohnsonAllow index requests to be sent directly to ES
2017-10-26  Mike DunkerMerge commit 'refs/pull/583/head' of
2017-10-26  Peter JohnsonChange log messahe to WARN if stale version is found...
2017-10-26  Michael RussoAdd entity version to EntityVersionAudit csv file.
2017-10-26  Michael RussoAdd tool for auditing versions of entities in Elasticse...
2017-10-18  Todd NineUpdates website content to reference community maintain...
2017-10-17  Mike Dunkeradd extra logging for orphaned connection repair
2017-10-13  Mike DunkerMerge branch 'fixOrphanedEdges'
2017-10-13  Mike Dunkerchanges to orphaned edge code from code review fixOrphanedEdges
2017-10-13  Mike DunkerRemove orphaned collection edges with no target entity
21 months ago usergrid-2.1.0 usergrid-2.1.0 release.
2 years ago e2e
2 years ago 2.1-release
2 years ago 1.0.2
2 years ago usergrid-1.0.2 Retroactively tagging version 1.0.2
2 years ago 2.1.working
2 years ago 20150608-sso-fixes
2 years ago 20150515-jclouds-fix
2 years ago 20150512-sso-conn-pool
2 years ago 20150505-dedicated-sso
2 years ago 2015-04-29-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-28-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-21-ssofix
2 years ago 2015-04-20-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-17-04-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-16-burberry-fix
2 days ago 3.0.0_experimental
7 days ago master
4 weeks ago asf-site
5 weeks ago debug_logging
6 weeks ago fixOrphanedEdges
7 weeks ago expose-reindex
2 months ago hotfix-20170922
2 months ago collectionClearJob
3 months ago collectionDelete
3 months ago hotfix-20170728
5 months ago token-service-to-dstax
6 months ago hotfix-20160819
8 months ago query-analyzer
11 months ago remove-qakka-web
12 months ago usergrid-1318-queue
14 months ago feature-flags