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last changeWed, 17 May 2017 20:50:10 +0000 (13:50 -0700)
11 days ago  Michael RussoAllow name and any property set with aliasProperty... master
2017-04-26  Michael RussoAdd a new Asset binary provider for Google Cloud Storag...
2017-04-06  Michael RussoAdd new push notification test and remove duplicate...
2017-04-02  Michael RussoSwitch DISTRIBUTED database queueing to default not...
2017-03-31  Michael RussoFix issue where duplicate receipts were created when...
2017-03-31  Michael RussoUpdate new ExportService to better stream out the resul...
2017-03-28  Michael RussoBatch write to the export stream and use a cleaner...
2017-03-27  Michael RussoInitial commit of export application API.
2017-03-26  Michael RussoDefault disable the query breaker enforcement.
2017-03-24  Michael RussoFixes a handful of issues around single quotes and...
2017-03-23  Michael RussoMerge commit 'refs/pull/567/head' of
2017-03-23  Michael RussoFix issue where default passwords are not being created...
2017-03-21  Michael RussoMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-03-21  Michael Russo[USERGRID-1341] Fix cache expiration type for Applicati...
2017-03-02  Dave JohnsonAdd UTF-8 sourceEncoding, without it build fails on...
2017-02-28  Michael RussoAdd some additional logging around flaky test setup.
15 months ago usergrid-2.1.0 usergrid-2.1.0 release.
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20 months ago 2.1-release
22 months ago 1.0.2
23 months ago usergrid-1.0.2 Retroactively tagging version 1.0.2
23 months ago 2.1.working
23 months ago 20150608-sso-fixes
2 years ago 20150515-jclouds-fix
2 years ago 20150512-sso-conn-pool
2 years ago 20150505-dedicated-sso
2 years ago 2015-04-29-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-28-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-21-ssofix
2 years ago 2015-04-20-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-17-04-ssotest
2 years ago 2015-04-16-burberry-fix
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3 months ago query-analyzer
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7 months ago asf-site
8 months ago feature-flags
9 months ago release-2.1.1
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10 months ago usergrid-1268-akka-211
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12 months ago 9f45130_app_cache_fix
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