descriptionApache Zeppelin (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 18 Oct 2017 09:12:19 +0000 (02:12 -0700)
47 hours ago  Malay MajithiaZEPPELIN-277 Add Tab as Autocomplete for Notebook non... master
2 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2988. Zeppelin does not start new Livy session...
2 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2998. Fix bug in restarting interpreter in...
3 days ago  Gabe FernandoZEPPELIN-2985: correct grammar in keyboard tooltip
4 days ago  tinkoff-dwh[HOTFIX] fix interpreter.cmd script
4 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2990. Matplotlib sometimes fails in IPythonInt...
5 days ago  Keiji Yoshida[ZEPPELIN-2950] Support Ceph as a notebook storage
6 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2685. Improvement on Interpreter class
6 days ago  Yanbo Liang[Minor] Remove hardcoded key in zeppelinhub.
7 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2982. Copy interpreter-setting.json to interpr...
7 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2953 Allow custom http header for livy interpreter
8 days ago  Jeff Zhang[MINOR][Code Refactoring] Configuration name change...
8 days ago  1ambda[ZEPPELIN-2924] Fix broken javascript source map
9 days ago  conker84[ZEPPELIN-2761] - Neo4j Interpreter
10 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2942. Remove non-remote interpreter approach
10 days ago  Adriano Pagano[ZEPPELIN-2979] Fix links to zeppelin website in README
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4 months ago v0.7.2 To retrigger asf infra
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