descriptionApache Zeppelin (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 27 Jul 2017 18:50:38 +0000 (11:50 -0700)
16 hours ago  Lee moon soo[ZEPPELIN-2806] New paragraph does not displayed before... master
34 hours ago  Lee moon soo[ZEPPELIN-2724] Move NotebookSocket.send() out of synch...
2 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-2811. Specify precise explicitly for travis...
3 days ago  1ambda[ZEPPELIN-2779] Unit test for job module (zeppelin...
3 days ago  Jeff Zhang[HOTFIX] Followup of ZEPPELIN-1263
4 days ago  Khalid Huseynov[ZEPPELIN-2801] fix adding unnecessary new lines in...
4 days ago  Yanbo Liang[ZEPPELIN-2757] Enhance Authentication decrypting key...
4 days ago  Sohaib Iftikhar[ZEPPELIN-2804] Fix shiro_authentication documentation
5 days ago  1ambda[ZEPPELIN-2778] Unit test for credential module (zeppel...
5 days ago  Jeff ZhangZEPPELIN-1263. Should specify zeppelin's spark configur...
6 days ago  Nelson Costa[ZEPPELIN-2699] Helium REST API bug-fixes. Also updated...
7 days ago  1ambda[ZEPPELIN-2777] Unit test for configuration module...
7 days ago  Tinkoff DWH[HOTFIX] fix 'checkbox' type for create iterpreter...
8 days ago  Thomas DecauxZeppelin 2701 - Set HTML title for notebook page
9 days ago  Jeff Zhang[ZEPPELIN-2758]. NumberFormatException on importing...
11 days ago  Herval Freire[ZEPPELIN-1470] limiting results from jdbc
6 weeks ago v0.7.2 To retrigger asf infra
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