descriptionApache Hadoop ZooKeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 11 Sep 2017 21:30:45 +0000 (14:30 -0700)
2017-09-11  Nikhil BhideZOOKEEPER-2777: There is a typo in which prevents... master
2017-09-11  maolingZOOKEEPER-2581: Not handled NullPointerException while...
2017-09-11  maolingZOOKEEPER-2349: Update documentation for snapCount
2017-09-11  Tamas PenzesZOOKEEPER-2630: Use interface type instead of implement...
2017-09-11  Abraham FineZOOKEEPER-2875: Add ant task for running OWASP dependen...
2017-08-24  Manoj MallelaZOOKEEPER-2880: Rename README.txt to
2017-08-23  bitgaoshuZOOKEEPER-2836: fix SocketTimeoutException
2017-08-21  Michael HanUpdate README.txt.
2017-08-18  yaniv.kundaZOOKEEPER-2861: Main-Class JAR manifest attribute is...
2017-08-18  bhupendra jainZOOKEEPER-2804: Node creation fails with NPE if ACLs...
2017-08-18  Brian NixonZOOKEEPER-2872: Interrupted snapshot sync causes data...
2017-08-18  Andrew SchwartzmeyerZOOKEEPER-2874: Windows Debug builds don't link with...
2017-08-13  Mathias KubFix typos in zookeeperAdmin.html
2017-08-13  Andrew SchwartzmeyerZOOKEEPER-2859: Fix CMake build on OS X.
2017-08-10  Fangmin LyuZOOKEEPER-2870: Improve the efficiency of AtomicFileOut...
2017-08-10  Abraham FineZOOKEEPER-2864: Add script to run a java api compatibil...
5 months ago release-3.5.3 ZooKeeper 3.5.3 release.
5 months ago release-3.5.3-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc1 release.
5 months ago release-3.4.10 ZooKeeper 3.4.10 release.
5 months ago release-3.5.3-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc0 release.
6 months ago release-3.4.10-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.10-rc1 release
6 months ago release-3.4.10-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.10-rc0 release.
12 months ago release-3.4.9 release-3.4.9
13 months ago release-3.4.9-rc2 release-3.4.9-rc2
13 months ago release-3.4.9-rc1 release-3.4.9-rc1
13 months ago release-3.4.9-rc0 release-3.4.9-rc0
14 months ago release-3.5.2 release-3.5.2
14 months ago release-3.5.2-rc1 release-3.5.2-rc1
15 months ago release-3.5.2-rc0 release-3.5.2-rc0
19 months ago release-3.4.8 release-3.4.8
19 months ago release-3.4.8-rc0 release-3.4.8-rc0
22 months ago release-3.4.7 release-3.4.7
9 days ago branch-3.5
9 days ago branch-3.4
2 weeks ago master
5 weeks ago branch-3.0
4 years ago branch-3.3
6 years ago ZOOKEEPER-823
6 years ago branch-3.1
6 years ago branch-3.2