descriptionApache Hadoop ZooKeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 19 Jul 2018 03:59:14 +0000 (20:59 -0700)
9 hours ago  Brian NixonZOOKEEPER-3083: Remove some redundant and noisy log... master
23 hours ago  maolingZOOKEEPER-3074: Flaky test:org.apache.zookeeper.server...
2 days ago  Bogdan KanivetsZOOKEEPER-3042: testFailedTxnAsPartOfQuorumLoss is...
3 days ago  Andor MolnarZOOKEEPER-2184: Zookeeper Client should re-resolve...
6 days ago  Norbert KalmarZOOKEEPER-3033: MAVEN MIGRATION - Step 1.2 - create...
6 days ago  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-3087: Fix findbug warning introduced by ZOOKE...
7 days ago  Andor MolnarZOOKEEPER-2940: Deal with maxbuffer as it relates to...
8 days ago  Fangmin LyuZOOKEEPER-3084: Exit when ZooKeeper cannot bind to...
9 days ago  Christine PoerschkeZOOKEEPER-3073: fix couple of typos
9 days ago  Kent R. SpillnerZOOKEEPER-3078: remove print_completion_queue
9 days ago  Kent R. SpillnerZOOKEEPER-3079: avoid unsafe use of sprintf(3)
9 days ago  Fangmin LyuZOOKEEPER-2886: Permanent session moved error in multi...
2018-07-04  Norbert KalmarZOOKEEPER-2873: abort startup on invalid ports
2018-07-04  Norbert KalmarZOOKEEPER-3022: MAVEN MIGRATION - Iteration 1 - docs, it
2018-06-26  Enrico OlivelliZOOKEEPER-3066: Expose on JMX of Followers the id of...
2018-06-25  Abhishek Singh... ZOOKEEPER-3059: EventThread leak in case of Sasl AuthFailed
3 days ago release-3.4.13 ZooKeeper 3.4.13 release.
2 weeks ago release-3.4.13-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.13-rc1 release.
3 weeks ago release-3.4.13-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.13-rc0 release.
2 months ago release-3.5.4 ZooKeeper 3.5.4 release.
2 months ago release-3.5.4-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.5.4-rc0 release.
2 months ago release-3.4.12 ZooKeeper 3.4.12 release.
3 months ago release-3.4.12-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.12-rc1 release.
3 months ago release-3.4.12-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.12-rc0 release.
8 months ago release-3.4.11 ZooKeeper 3.4.11 release.
8 months ago release-3.4.11-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.11-rc1 release.
8 months ago release-3.4.11-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.11-rc0 release.
15 months ago release-3.5.3 ZooKeeper 3.5.3 release.
15 months ago release-3.5.3-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc1 release.
15 months ago release-3.4.10 ZooKeeper 3.4.10 release.
15 months ago release-3.5.3-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc0 release.
15 months ago release-3.4.10-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.10-rc1 release
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