descriptionApache Hadoop ZooKeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 27 Mar 2017 17:32:02 +0000 (10:32 -0700)
47 hours ago  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-2737: close netty connection when exceptions... master
5 days ago  randgaltThis PR adds support for TTL nodes to the CLI
5 days ago  woojin.joeZOOKEEPER-2735: fix typos in shell scripts
7 days ago  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-2635: regenerate document for master / 3...
8 days ago  Brian NixonZOOKEEPER-2725: Promote local session to global when...
12 days ago  Kyle NusbaumZOOKEEPER-2726 ZOOKEEPER-2693: Patch for introduces...
12 days ago  Enrico OlivelliZOOKEEPER-2460 Remove javacc dependency from public...
13 days ago  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-2716: Flaky Test: org.apache.zookeeper.server...
2017-03-14  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-2718: fix flaky StandaloneDisabledTest
2017-03-09  Josh ElserZOOKEEPER-2709: Clarify documentation around the "auth...
2017-03-04  Michael HanZOOKEEPER-2693: DOS attack on wchp/wchc four letter...
2017-02-16  Abraham FineZOOKEEPER-2692: Fix race condition in testWatchAutoRese...
2017-02-15  Mohammad ArshadZOOKEEPER-2687: Deadlock while shutting down the Leader...
2017-02-14  Edward RibeiroZOOKEEPER-2617: correct a few spelling typos
2017-02-13  Mohammad ArshadZOOKEEPER-2683: RaceConditionTest is flaky
2017-02-11  randgaltZOOKEEPER-2642: rename ZooKeeper reconfig API to reconf...
20 hours ago release-3.5.3-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.5.3-rc0 release.
6 days ago release-3.4.10-rc1 ZooKeeper 3.4.10-rc1 release
3 weeks ago release-3.4.10-rc0 ZooKeeper 3.4.10-rc0 release.
6 months ago release-3.4.9 release-3.4.9
7 months ago release-3.4.9-rc2 release-3.4.9-rc2
7 months ago release-3.4.9-rc1 release-3.4.9-rc1
7 months ago release-3.4.9-rc0 release-3.4.9-rc0
8 months ago release-3.5.2 release-3.5.2
8 months ago release-3.5.2-rc1 release-3.5.2-rc1
9 months ago release-3.5.2-rc0 release-3.5.2-rc0
13 months ago release-3.4.8 release-3.4.8
13 months ago release-3.4.8-rc0 release-3.4.8-rc0
16 months ago release-3.4.7 release-3.4.7
16 months ago release-3.4.7-rc0 release-3.4.7-rc0
18 months ago release-3.5.1 release-3.5.1
20 months ago release-3.5.1-rc4 release-3.5.1-rc4
20 hours ago branch-3.5
47 hours ago master
6 days ago branch-3.4
4 years ago branch-3.3
6 years ago ZOOKEEPER-823
6 years ago branch-3.0
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